Children dying in there own homes

1860's-70's By: Carson Hans

Awful living conditions kill and cause children to die of illness

In the big city's that are in America there are apartment like places called tenements the tenements are small, dark, and filthy. An family of six were forced to live in a 10 by 12 foot tenement because they don't have much money, and the government is not getting involved many people are dying of illness. A toilet is shared with twenty people or more."In 1867, 495,000 people lived New York city were living in tenements." That is a lot of people living in poor conditions. Also it was said that a "child is dying with measles. With half a chance it might have lived; but it had none.that dark bedroom killed it." An illness killed a poor child whom lived in a tenement that was small, dark, and filthy. no child should have to live in such harsh conditions.
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Fallow Up

When it came to the governments attention they disided to pass the Tenement House Act and also some other laws that have made curtain things happen. but sadly they were still not the best places to live and were still unhealthy.