How Would Canada Look Like In 2050

How many of us will there be?

Population,Demographics and Cultural diversity

By 2050, Canada’s population is expected to reach 40 million — give or take 5 million. Between now and then, population growth will have slowed due to continued low fertility levels, a measure of the number of children women have over their childbearing years. The population could level off at 35 million if the present low birthrate is not offset by a high rate of immigration.

At one senior to eight working-age persons, the proportion of seniors in Canada was less than in many other industrialized countries as this century began. But in coming decades, the Canadian population will age more rapidly as baby boomers — those born in the two decades after World War II — reach the age of 65. By 2026, some 8 million Canadians, one person in every five, will be 65 years or older. By 2050, seniors may number 10 million, roughly 25 percent of the projected population.

Immigration from Asia, Africa, and Latin America will continue to drive Canada’s population growth. Some analysts expect the newcomers will adopt the prevailing social values. They also believe Canada will move from a “mosaic” embracing a diversity of cultures and groups toward a homogeneous society akin to the American “melting pot” model. Only First Nations will resist assimilation and assert social and economic positions appropriate to their traditional values.

by ghayas