A Raisin in the Sun

Jonyae R. Lakaya V. Fabion M. Julissa C. Period 8


In the play A Raisin in the Sun, even with the all burdens of this family has been placed with, overall, they have attained the American Dream. One aspect that helps get through this is family values.

Theme Analysls

Family values is the strongest theme throughout the play. Being from a family of so much pride, hardworking, and determined people. Mama tried her hardest to keep the family together and to do what was right. "No Travis, you stay right here. And you make him understand what you doing, Walter Lee. You teach him good. Like Willy Harris taught you. You show him where out five generations done come to"(Hansberry 148). Mama is a woman that stands up for what she believes in because she comes from a willing family. However, Walter was going to make a big decision that will carry his family name and mama wanted Travis right there for Walter to teach him what they believed in. "Well - Well .. Son, I'm waiting to hear you say something. I'm still waiting to hear how you be your father's son. Be the man he was. Your wife say she going to destroy your child. And I'm waiting to hear you talk like him and say we a people who give children life, you stand up and look like your daddy and say we done give up one baby to property and that we ain't going to give up nary another one. I'm waiting" (Hansberry 75). Ruth was going to give her baby up, meaning abortion. Mama was raised to know that you bring a baby in the world to give it life not take it away. Also she was waiting for Walter to be his father child and stick up for what he was raised and taught.



The conflict of the book A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is Man vs society due to the fact that the Younger family has worked hard all their lives to gain a better life and become successful. This conflict connects to the thesis because the Younger family are mistreated during the time because they are African American and because they are not given as much as everyone else, so the moment that they acquire the insurance money from their father’s death their family values are torn apart as each member of the family fights over the money to fill their own dreams.

Conflict Quote

As mama hears from Walter that he has lost all the money from giving it to his business partner willy Harris she is filled with anger and sadness because a portion of it was for Benetha's medical school and the fact that their father would come home every night with red eyes and would grow thin over the strain of working until the day he died (Hansberry 129).



Overall, the Younger's family undergo many challenges and they use the insurance check to help them out and change their lifestyle. instead of spending the money on things they want they spent it on things they need.


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