Mid-May Update!

Hello gorgeous girls!

Super STARS!

Sales so far...

Nora $2099.00

Rachelle $1872.00

Tara $ 761.00

Wiesje&Minette $269.00

Shedion $ 266.00

Sharon $ 162.00

Janine $ 78.00

So awesome to see some you who took a break from the business have some orders on the books this month! This will allow you to keep your 50% purchasing power when new samples come out every season. You need a minimum of $250 every three months in sales. So easy and worth it. If you sell $500 per month you earn $125 in commission (MAD MONEY) and every 3 months get a $100 jewelry credit consistency bonus! NICE! you can host your own show twice a year where you can earn hostess credits AND commission! They sure make it fun and EASY to make a little extra $$$ and keep you on trend with the latest fashions. LOVE IT!

We are in our home stretch of the month. I am taking part in the booking blitz tonight with Janine Weber(our Canadian representative- great gal) . I will be emailing and calling 10-20 people tonight about hosting a show in the next 6-8 weeks. Hopefully that will turn into 1- 3 shows! I have two on the books for June and one for May so I'd like a few more. If you are feeling the same, set aside an hour to do your own booking blitz or join us tonight. We post our results in the FB group. Doing it together makes it so much more fun! I can easily add you to the group if you want to join tonight. I know it is late notice so no worries!

The SWAG given to the guests on the Katie Curic Show today!