Alexander Hamilton

He made bank

Alexander Hamilton was born, January 11, 1755

Alexander Hamilton supported, New York

Columbia College of Columbia University in the City of New York

His education

Presbyterian, Episcopalian (convert)

His religion

Hamilton was not an advocate of slavery, but when the issue of slavery came into conflict with his personal ambitions, his belief in property rights, or his belief of what would promote America’s interests, Hamilton chose those goals over opposing slavery.

Slave Issue

United States Secretary of the Treasury

Political Career

America’s first treasury secretary and one of the three authors of the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton stands as one of the nation’s important early statesmen. Michael P. Federico places this Founding Father among the country’s original political philosophers as well.

Political Philosophy

Committee of Rules, Committee of Style

Involvement in the Constitutional Convention


How old was he, at the time of the convention
After the Constitutional Convention Alexander Hamilton did.

He had 8 kids and His wife


He was on a $10 bill


Born: January 11, 1755, Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis. Died: July 12, 1804, New York City, NY

Year he was born and the year that he died

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

His famous quotes

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