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November 13, 2020

What's Happening at Log College

Well, the day finally came: the first day of school! We would be lying if we said it wasn't odd that the 'first day' was actually Day 46. Regardless, we were so happy to see our students back in our hallways and classrooms! The first week went incredibly smoothly, and the students did an outstanding job of following the new procedures we have in place for COVID mitigation.

The first marking period has just completed and report card conferences are coming up in the next few weeks. If needed, your child's teachers have/will contact you about conferences that they are requesting to have with you regarding your child's progress. If you are requesting a conference with any of your child's teachers, the Skyward portal requesting those conferences will be open shortly. Please log into your Skyward account and click the tab for Conferences to schedule them.

If you have any questions about anything, please contact the school, and we will do our best to answer those questions thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, November 13th- 1/2 Day Inservice
  • Wednesday, November 18th- Report Cards Available
  • Tuesday, November 24th- Evening Conferences
  • Wednesday, November 25th- School Closed: Conferences
  • Thursday, November 26th- School Closed: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Friday, November 27th- School Closed: Thanksgiving Holiday

'First Day' of School Pictures

Student Artwork

Big picture

COVID-19 Reminders

Please Remember to do the COVID 5 every morning prior to coming to school!

  1. Did your child have a temperature this morning of or above 100.3?
  2. Do they have an altered taste or smell?
  3. Were they exposed to anyone with a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19?
  4. Do they have an unexplained cough or shortness of breath?
  5. Are they awaiting results of a COVID-19 test?

*If any of the above are YES please keep your child home from school and have him or her attend virtually.

If your child is under isolation or in quarantine please call the school nurse at 215-441-6075 ex 14025. You may also email to

Please send a copy of any letter from the Department of Health that quarantine or isolation has been completed before returning to school to the school nurse at

*If a student athlete tests positive for COVID-19, the student must be cleared by a physician and a cardiologist before the student can resume play.

Veterans Day

Big picture
Log College Veterans Day Presentation

Please take a moment to watch this video tribute to the many veterans that are connected to Log College. Thank you for your service!


The Log College Middle School Guidance Department will be sponsoring a virtual Aateen group that will meet weekly throughout the school year. Alateen is a group for students that have a loved one in their lives that struggles with alcohol or substance abuse. This is an extremely private group that is conducted by trained facilitators and is run by participating students.

If interested please contact either of the school counselors, Mr. Sayre, (215.441.6075 X14031) or Mrs. Rudenko, (215.441.6075 x14030)

PIAA Eligibility

Now that the school year is under way as well as our sports seasons, the school runs weekly eligibility reports on all athletes. In addition to academic eligibility, students must meet attendance and behavioral guidelines for their continued participation in PIAA athletics. PIAA encourages the ideal of the 'student athlete,' which we wholeheartedly support. If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact Mr. Swartwood, Athletic Director, or Mr. Drago, Assistant Principal.


This link takes you to FEAST, a local charitable organization that provides home cooked meals primarily, but not limited to, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Attendance Procedures

Please be sure to turn in absence excuse notes within three (3) days of your child's return to school. Absences will remain unexcused until notes or turned in or if the three day window is exceeded. If your child has 10 or more cumulative days of absence, a doctor's note is required for all absences past 10 days.

Absence excuse notes can also be emailed to Log College at the following address:

For family trips during the school year, a Family Trip Request Form must be submitted to the Principal at least three (3) days prior to your trip. All requests submitted less than three (3) days prior will be denied.

From the Nurse

Reminder: Students may not carry any medications including over the counter at any time. The only exception is an epi-pen or inhaler with doctor's orders stating they have permission to carry. All medication taken during school hours must be dispensed by the school nurse. For further information, please see Centennial School District Policy 210-USE OF MEDICATIONS.

All students in Grade 6 need a physical examination, this should include the required immunzations for 7th grade (Tdap & Meningococcal). The physical examination form needs to be completed by your child’s doctor and returned to the school nurse.

Students in Grade 7 need a dental examination. The dental examination form needs to be completed by your child’s dentist and returned to the school nurse.

Forms are available on our website or in the nurse's office.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the school nurse at 215-441-6075 x14025

Thank you for your ongoing support, as we strive to keep the children of LCMS safe and healthy!

Log College Middle School

Log College Middle School opened in September 1967 as a Junior High School serving seventh and eighth grade students. The school is named after the original school in Warminster, “Log College” established in 1727 by William Tennent, one of the original trustees of Princeton University. The school’s mascot is the Colonial in honor of the first Log College.

Log College became a Middle School in 1991 educating sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. In 2000 the school was recognized by the US Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School. Log College currently serves approximately 600 sixth through eighth graders.