University Of Oregon

Home of the Ducks

School Information

  • Located in Eugene, Oregon
  • Cinema Studies, Theater Arts, Creative Writing Programs.
  • Average cost $35,000
  • Admissions:Earn C- in 15 college preparatory classes, High School Transcripts, SAT scores and Application Essay.
  • Enrollment:24,000
  • Student/Teacher ratio:19:1

Location Information

Eugene, Oregon

Fun things to do:

  • Willamette River bike trail
  • Hayward field
  • Mount Pisgah
  • Hendricks Park
  • Museum of Natural and Cultural History
  • Sunny and hot throughout summer months, June, July and August.
Rainy and chilly during winter months and a little bit of spring with little chance of snow.


  • Willamette River and Mount Pisgah

Paying for College

How I plan to pay for college:

  • Getting a job and saving up money
  • Applying for scholarships that I qualify for
  • Financial Aid
  • Taking out loans
Deadline for turning in FAFSA form: March 1st

Achieving Post High School Goals

My goals for the next couple years of High School are:

  • Improving my GPA to at least 3.0
  • Getting caught up in credits to graduate
  • Becoming more involved in school activities
  • Volunteering places
  • Having a better attitude towards school and doing the best I can do in my academic classes.
Classes I will take to achieve my goals:

  • Journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • Video Productions