Recepie for The Hatian Revolution

Janice Rodriguez


A really amazing dish that will really get your taste buds fighting for equality. when your done making this dish you'll be able to smell the victory and taste the freedom.


4/5 cup of slaves

1/10 cup of free people

2 cups of inequality

dash of British and French soldiers

3 tbs of a growing economy

1 European army

2 tps of French troops

4 important crops that needed the work of slaves

6 frustrated cups of slaves that wanted freedom

4 tbs of hope and encouragement

1 inspiring constitution

1 amazing leader named Toussaint Louveture

1 army led by Toussaint

1/2 of Nepolian's rule

1 independent nation


1. preheat oven to 1791 degrees

2. mix the 4/5 of slaves with the 1/10 cup of free people together in Saint Domingue

3. add in the 2 cups of inequality and torturing of slaves

4. add the one inspiring constitution, amazing leader, 6 cups of frustrated slaves that wanted freedom, 4 tbs of hope and encouragement, and army led by Toussaint in one bowl.

5. pour the mix into a rebellion against the Europeans

6. when you take it out you will see the French granting the slaves freedom

7. next, sprinkle the 2 tps of French troops to maintain order and offer freedom1/2 to only slaves who join the French army

8. as the slaves rise from the pan, slavery is completely abolished

9. add 1/2 of Nepolian's rule to make Spain surrender to France, but fails.

10. the finally let sit for 13 years and you have 1 independent nation!!

11. enjoy freedom!


In the end the Haitian revolution was successful in abolishing slavery leaving everyone with human rights. Haiti was the first country to free all slaves and second nation to emancipate from the European tyrant.


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