Kim's O2 Team Updates

We'll work on a better name later. :)

Hello! All I can say is WOW it has been an exciting few weeks!

First, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to:

Lisa - first DESIGNER, thank you for officially making me a team

Sheila - second DESIGNER to join the team, congratulations on flying

Laura, Lexi and Taylor our first Mother-Daughters Team for getting your wings and becoming Origami Owl Designers!

This is a very exciting and nerve racking time, I know, I was just in your shoes in January. It will not be long before the rest of you will be getting your wings to fly as well. Because everyone is different and this is my first time going through direct sales I'm learning quickly as I go. All of us are already on a similar path with this journey and I want to be as supportive and helpful as possible so you need to tell me what you need and ask me questions.

Here is what will be covered:

Updates from Nicki Shumway's team meeting held this past Saturday

What to do while you are waiting to become a Designer

Important things to consider in the first month of becoming a designer

Updates from Shumway's Sparklers

  • Nicki has decided on a Team name: Shumway's Sparklers! This will look amazing on team shirts for future events. She will get to register her team name at a later time when she moves up in levels.
  • During the team meeting this past weekend she showed several of the new products that were revealed during national convention. The Nest is coming out with several new charms including a golf bag, a smart phone, heart sunglasses, OMG, a home, Love in 2 new styles, and several more. They also shared the new window plates which are absolutely beautiful, a few new tags and dangles, and a few new chains in gold, silver, and rose gold, a new box chain and an "over your heart" chain. One item everyone was thrilled to see is the new bracelet. During convention we were given samples or prototypes of lots of the new items. They discussed new catalogs coming out in the fall, but did not say when.
  • Nicki is working on an "incentive ball" and she will share details after they are finalized. She gave those of us at the meeting a beach ball, the rest of you will receive one in the mail eventually. She handed these out to those of us who could make it to the meeting to save on postage.

What to do while you are waiting to become a Designer

Website and Facebook Names? If you have not already started thinking about your website name you may want to take a little time to do so.You can make it as complicated or as simple as you want. I suggest simple, something your friends, family, and future customers can remember or at least easily find. Before I set mine up I used Google to search Origami Owl websites and looked at different names. What I decided to use was my first and last name. I did the same with my Facebook page. If you have a nickname or something else you want to use that is fine as well, but keep in mind future customers. There are also guidelines in the Origami Owl Policies and Procedures. This is the document I just emailed to you.

Business Checking and/or Savings Accounts? This is something I have found is a Designer's preference to have or not to have. I decided on getting one and used a local credit union. I have not found anything saying we have to have one, but I have found that it is nice to have a separate account. I use it to order business supplies, pay for orders after I have deposited their cash or check payments, have credit cards payments deposited to, and I also have this account set-up for my payment direct deposits from Origami Owl.

How to process Credit Card Payments? There are several companies out the Square, Intuit, Pay Anywhere, etc. I chose to get an account with Pay Anywhere. I do not have experience with any other companies to compare to. This company does offer a lower rate to Origami Owl Designers which is nice. I will tell you I find myself using Pay Anywhere less and entering the credit cards directly on the order through our party tab in the back office especially with larger jewelry bars.

Important things to consider in the first month of becoming a designer

Launch Party - Whether you decide to start with a launch party at your home, with a family member, or your best friend, it is up to you. Whether you decide to start with an event, book parties and on-line orders, it is up to you. I decided to hold 4 parties/jewelry bars before holding my official "launch party" at my house and I had a short open house. It was successful. I made a point of limiting it to a couple hours. I sent invites out through a Facebook Event and posted a few invitation cards out on local community bulletin boards in stores and restaurants. I was busy from the time I started until 30 minutes after I finished. I took orders from those who showed up, over the phone, and even one on-line.

Business Supplies - I recommend ordering extra invites, Take Out Menus (TOMs)/catalogs, and order forms as soon as you get access to your back office. I was amazed when I started that I found myself down to 12 TOMs before my first party and down to 8 afterwards. I find myself leaving these at my Doctors office, lounges, etc. when I am out and about. When customers ask me for them I let them have one in hopes they will decide to share.