The Basics of Credit

Credit is ..

The ability to borrow money and pay it back within payments. You are limited to the amount of money you can spend on a credit card.

Credit is not free. You have to pay an interest fee as well.

Not Everyone Can Get Credit ..

You have to be reliable to pay payments back in time and have no late fees. This will show your responsibility with having a credit card. If you have bad credit its probably because you have not paid your payments on time or you have not paid them at all. If you have a good credit score then you will have a better chance at getting a loan. Your APR wont get higher if your creditworthiness.

Basics of Credit Cards

A credit card that is issued by a business or bank to purchase goods or services on credit.

You can use credit cards at almost any pace where u can purchase good or services.The lower your APR is the more it benefits you because it keep your credit score good.The benefits of using and having a credit card are that if you need to pay for something in an emergency you could always charge it in credit and eventually pay it back with monthly payments. You would want to make sure you don't go over your limit because if you do you might get a fee for being over.

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You would like to build a good credit score rating. You will have a better chance at getting a loan you your credit score is high and reliable. Be careful when you are making big purchases.

Shopping online is not the safest way to purchase items but its still safer then purchasing in person.