Good Morning Monarchs

By: Elsalene Akkerman

In this Newspaper...

In this newspaper you will see day to day facts about the monarch/ monarchs in Babylon, Assyria, and Sumer. You will read about a lot of things, you will get into their personal life. You, as a reader will read about the monarchs: fashion, their latest achievements and more but, last but certainly not least their daily life as a king!



Ashurbanipal is the Assyrian king. Today when we had a new reporter go out and look for him we found out that today King Ashurbanipal was wearing (like always) a blue shirt with gold flowers on it and a red belt. We also noticed his pants. He was wearing a new material called jean. It was blue and went down to his legs. Ashurbanipal's latest achievements was just this morning when the Babylonians tried to invade Assyria, well, first the Assyrian army killed every last Babylonian soldier, then Ashurbanipal payed a little visit to Nebuchadnezzar and killed him with hook. Today Ashurbanipal has not been feeling the least bit guilty. He is used to this kind of stuff. You readers are special because finally, for once Ashurbanipal let us interview him. We asked hime if he ever feels guilty of killing kings and he said "Well, that is a stupid question, I never feel guilty, I am used to this kind of stuff, It is my job as a king to protect my country from any other attacks like that because we may get way worse soon."


Here is Ashurbanipal's personal contact info. He has instructed us that if we do this we have to say that you can only send him stuff that is complementing him or asking to move to Assyria.

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Hammurabi is the Babylonian King. Earlier today he was doing something very interesting. He was talking to the Babylonian god! We don't know what he was talking about because he shooed us out. When we went back later for an interview and he said he was working on something very important. At the end of this article when we get to his latest achievments you will find out. Today he was wearing the usual a red coat with a gold sweater-vest on top of it. Hammurabi has been in rule for 33 years and citizens believe he will be in throne for 10 more years. Also before I forgot he was talking to the got and the god gave him 282 laws so in 3 days you will all be expected to follow 282 laws! Don't worry there will be a giant clay tablet in center of town that has all the laws on it.


The Babylonian King

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Gilgamesh is one of the most interesting rulers, because no one really knows if he was an actual ruler! He could be a real ruler, though we know that the Epic of Gilgamesh was fictional. The Sumerians were some of the best story tellers, especially in early times. The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the first epics in history! In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh is 2/3 god, 1/3 human, with special powers, such as super-strength. He was an ancient superhero! Gilgamesh had the power to hold his breath for long periods of time, enough strength to pick up mountains, and was quick enough to race back and forth across Sumer, knocking over buildings in the process, before his people could finish their screams.


The king/god of Sumer

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Sunday, Nov. 17th 2013 at 8-11:45pm


Ashurbaipal is turning 50! Help him celebrate! His has requested that Black tie and presents are optional. HAVE FUN AND SEE YOU THERE

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