Kim Anglin

About me :

I'm a senior at Early County High School in Blakely, Ga. In 10th grade biology, I realized that I loved this branch of science and wanted to pursue it more in depth. My current goal is to become a forensic biologist..(if my plans work out). I have taken every science my school has to offer and am currently in Honors human anatomy. I am the only person at my school who wanted to take AP biology and luckily there was an option for me to take it :)

Fast Facts

- My name is Kimberly but I prefer to go by Kim (PLEASE not kimmy :P)

- I won the biology medal in my school 10th grade year.

- I love Star Wars and am a bit of a geek

- I won 2nd place in the local farm bureau art competition last year

- I look forward to studying this topic more in depth with people who have the same interests as me

- I'm excited to be taking this class!