By: Avery Watkins

Alcohols Effects On The Body

Alcohol has many negative effects on the body. They can range from hurting you to even hurting others. Alcohol can harm your bodies vital organs such as your heart, your liver, and your brain. It can make you violent and impair your decision making ability. When your decision making ability is impaired you could commit crimes or hurt others from abuse or drunk driving.


About one person every 50 minutes is killed by a drunk driving incident. Drunk driving kills more than 10,000 people a year alone. Most people think that if their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is lower than a .08 they are safe to drive and cannot get arrested. This is untrue as an officer can arrest you if he/she believes you are unsafe to drive. Not all drunk drivers are caught right away which leaves to much time for others to be harmed.

To much alcohol can have a very negative effect on yourself and others around you. It can be enjoyed but as well as abused. If enjoyed in a respectful way it can help respect others and yourself.