Tuesday Tech Tips

A little tech goes a long way!

Google Ninja Academy-How Does YOUR School Stack Up?

Go to our GSCS Ninja Academy right now! Prepare yourself to lead our students in the effective use of Google Apps and instructional technology.

Congratulations to these Google Ninjas who earned all four of their Google Ninja belts!

Mark Sanders (picture forthcoming)

Stephanie Chilton (picture forthcoming)

Dontauneia Traylor (picture forthcoming)

Now, you can earn PLUs for earning all four Google Ninja Belts! If you have already earned all four belts, you can register to receive one PLU credit. If you are in the process of earning your belts, go ahead and register so you will be all set. You may register HERE.

When you complete the Black Belt test, you will receive a certificate from Google. Please forward a copy of that certificate to either Leslie Fagin or Robin Harris. Once we receive your Black Belt certificate from Google, your name will be added to our Black Belt leader board.

Be a Google Ninja!

Check out the complete Google Ninja list: Google Ninja Standings

Congratulations to this week's Google Ninjas:

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Start a Computer Science Club

As your school begins to think about next year, a Compter Science club may be a great addition. CS First, created by Google, is a free program that increases student access to computer science whether it be in an after-school club, in school, or during a summer program. The CS First program is geared for ages 9 - 14 and is completely FREE.

Although computer science leads to some of the highest paying jobs, only 1 in 10 K-12 schools in the United States offer computer science. CS First provides exposure to this critical area.

All of the materials needed to start a computer science club are included on the site. The materials are varied to meet a variety of interests. The resources even walk you through the first day of the club as well as a typical day. You are are guided each step of the way!

What a great way to move beyond the Hour of Code and expose our students to computer science!

Calling all Literature Teachers to LitCharts!

Check out LitCharts to make literature more accessible for your students. Litcharts offers an interactive display that tracks themes, symbols, and plots in a story. A detailed analysis is included for each chapter.

Each wedge represents a chapter in while each colored section represents a part of the chapter. The colors represent the themes within that section of the chapter.

There are over 200 works of literature included by the original editors of Sparknotes.

FREE Google Training

Google offers training to teachers and administrators using Google Hangouts. You can choose which training sessions you would like to attend. Since they use Google Hangouts, you are actually interacting with others in real time.

Click here for a list of upcoming sessions.

Google+ Communities for Educators

Here are some helpful Google+ Communities for Educators: