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April 2022

NWAEA Math Team

We are the NWAEA instructional leaders in mathematics education ensuring all educators have access to high quality mathematics teaching and learning.

Top 4 Resources for April

1. Using Writing in Math free templates to organize students' writing in Mathematics.

2. Cultural Relevance in High Quality Instructional Materials a resource provided by Pivot learning around the area of supporting culturally relevant instruction through the use of high quality instructional materials.

3. Math with Bad Drawings a great collection of interesting mathematical ideas that can be great inspirations for classroom conversations

4. What Makes Math Interesting Anyways? A quick article and video about what it means to be "creative" in math and what makes math interesting to people.

Two-Minute Teachers' Guides

The Two-Minute Teacher’s Guide is a set of online instructional resources that is meant to support teachers as they prepare their lessons. The videos are kept short so that they can fit into a teacher’s busy school day and they are designed with the recognition that teachers are not typically granted ample time to prepare. Nevertheless, by leaning on teachers’ existing practices and experience-based intuitions, the research-based suggestions provided by the Two-Minute Teacher’s Guide can go a long way.

Middle School Resource

Number Talks for Middle School

A Number Talk is a brief and frequent instructional routine in which students consider and discuss an image or expression. Students strengthen their understanding of number relationships and develop computational reasoning through this 5-15 minute routine.

Anxiety in math class. What can you do to help?

Why do people get so anxious about math? - Orly Rubinsten

Two Truths and a Lie Number Activity

Big picture

Shifts in Mathematics

The Common Core Shifts in Mathematics

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