February 15-19

The buzz in Room 615!

Last Week

Last week was a good one, full of special events. With the 100th Day of School on Tuesday, Valentine's Day on Friday, and a few assemblies and other things in between, we didn't have as much time as usual for our typical lessons. Even with all of that and a plethora of absences, we still made it work and had an awesome week! Not to mention, we celebrated two birthdays and got a new student in our class, Loryn. :) Below are some overviews of what we did.

Writing: In writing, we mostly worked on our how-to writings. We took it from talking about the processes authors use before writing informational writing to using a flow map to begin the individual drafting process. Later, we'll use those tools to write a final draft of our how-to writings for how to make a PB&J sandwich.

Reading: We got our feet wet with nonfiction last week, which has been really enjoyable so far. Most students know the difference between the two already, so we are just going to keep learning about the little details and exactly how nonfiction authors do what they do!

Math: We wrapped up 2-D shapes on Wednesday and transitioned right into 3-D that same day. A few final points we learned about 2-D shapes:

1. It doesn't matter how you rotate a shape or what size it is, it is still the same shape.

2. 2-D shapes are FLAT

3. It is very important to notice the number AND length of sides of a shape

4. 2-D shapes always have the same number of vertices as they do sides

Social Studies: It was especially hard to get a lot of work done in this department with everything going on, but we talked more about our specific locations and how they are like bubbles that keep getting bigger. For example, while at school our location is in our seats, which is in our classroom, which is in Odell, which is in Concord, which is in North Carolina, etc. That is the basis of our location bubble projects that are mentioned below!

Looking Forward

Next Week

Writing: We will be continuing work with our informational writing unit, doing more how-to writing as a class and individually.

Reading: Nonfiction will still be going strong all week, as we learn more about the parts of a nonfiction book and the roles of a nonfiction author.

Math: We're going to become masters at 3-D shapes this week and next, as we learn more about the terms involved in desribing them and how they are formed.

Social Studies: Our location unit will be continued this week with location bubble projects, followed by more information about maps. Please send in a sticky note/paper with the name of your neighborhood for the loaction projects we are working on. Thanks! :)


February 16: Class Pictures

A form was sent home for you to fill out if you're interested in purchasing a class photo. These pictures will be taken on Tuesday, February 16.

February 17: Greg Tang

I will be out of the classroom on Wednesday the 17th for a math training. The kids will have a substitute for the day!

March 1: Blood Drive

Odell is hosting a blood drive through the American Red Cross, and we are 40 people short of reaching our goal. Please consider making an appointment to donate blood anytime between 2:30 and 7:00pm on that Tuesday. Each donation can save 3 lives! (Also - if our class gets 5 donors, we'll get a pizza party!)

February 29-March 7: Book Fair

The book fair is back! Family night will be on March 3rd. Stay tuned for more details as they arrive.

Thank you for all of the wonderful Valentines! The kids absolutely loved opening them up and eating candy. Needless to say, they were a little hyped up for most of the day on Friday. We had a great day! Special thanks to Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Fortin for the awesome cupcakes too! :)

We Are 100 Days Smarter!

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