Twenty-one and over?

Should the age of driving be raised to twenty one?

Do you think the drinking age should be lowered to 16? Do you think that a 16 year old would be responsible with alcohol?

Yes or No

Driving should be raised to 21 because at the age of 15 and 16 a lot of teenagers tend to get drunk and that can cause a lot of car crashes which may cause the death of a driver. Teens are not responsible of what they are doing.
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Teens will want to party

At the age of 17 kids are now prone to partying because they will have a car giving them freedom to go out to party. Also you need to consider that the legal drinking age is 18 and without a doubt they will be drinking at these parties. With an intoxicated 17 year old behind the wheel they are novice to driving so they will not have the experience to know what to do behind the wheel but on the other hand a 21 year old will be more experienced and more mature to know how to handle a vehicle while being intoxicated.

Its not safe for the communities

More than 5000 teens die every year from car accidents.
They aren't mature enough
less pollution
less congestion
teens get restless when waiting to drive so when they finally drive they can get reckless making it unsafe for other drivers and pedestrians. Overall the younger they are the more dangerous it is for the community