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Welcome to the first edition of the 2015-2016 Good Things Newsletter. Each month, your "Media and Tech" team will develop a newsletter to celebrate the awesome work our staff at MHS and Woods is doing every day. Newsletters will contain Instructional Highlights, Literacy Strategies, Tech Check-ups, Cool Tech Tools, New from the Media Center, and Staff Celebrations. We hope you enjoy our 1st Edition of this year's Good Things Newsletter.

Happy Birthday! These Staff Members are Celebrating a Birthday in October

October 15th: Anabel Gonzalez; Jennifer Markle

October 23rd: Cindy Dunagan

October 26th: April Davala

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Instructional Strategy Highlight: "The No-Fail" Quiz

“The No-Fail” Quiz

Did you know you could use Google Forms to create a customized learning quiz for your students? Students who get a question wrong can be re-directed to a tutorial video for their next question. Once they answer their “remediation” question correctly, they are re-routed back to the original quiz. This helps students who need more practice get the help they need instead of just guessing.

Click here for directions on how to create your own Impossible to Fail Quiz

MHS Example: Foundations of Math 1 converted their popular QR Scavenger Hunt activity into an Impossible-to-Fail quiz using this technique. Instead of re-routing students to videos, they used the “Data Validation” option under Advanced to require students to input the correct answer in the blank before they could get their next clue. Click here to see their form. (the answer to the first one is -4 if you want to see what happens when you put in a right/wrong answer?)
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Literacy Strategy Highlight

Sometimes it's hard to get our students to articulate to us what they don't understand. Other times it's even harder to pull information out of our students. Use these question stems aligned to Bloom's Taxonomy to help guide your questioning techniques in the classroom and increase overall student understanding of your content. For a direct link to this resource on Pinterest and for more ideas, click here
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Tech Check-Up

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News from the Media Center

It’s Banned Book Week across the nation. Celebrate your freedom to read and learn more about the top 10 book challenges of 2014.

Want to implement a literacy project and get your students reading? We’d love to work with you!

Visit the Media Center & Get Caught Reading. Consider taking a photo with a book & tweeting it to @mhsreads.

We’ve been busy in the Media Center, helping this semester’s Senior English students locate print and digital sources for their Capstone paper and reading rough drafts. We’ve also facilitated over half of this semester’s Junior English students with their Capstone research to date. A special shout out to everyone who has agreed to be an Academic Advisor! Thanks for being educators that the upperclassmen respect and trust.

In addition, we’ve led research lessons for a few World History, Environmental Earth Science, and American History I classes. If you would like any assistance utilizing valuable print or digital resources in your classroom or the Media Center, please contact us. We would be happy to collaborate with you and supplement your curriculum needs! Bookmark our Media page and the 2015-16 MHS Digital Research Passwords that lists our many databases, eBooks, online encyclopedias, and other instructional tools (with built-in citations) that are available to you and your students.

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What will October's Spooky Surprise Be?

Your Media and Tech team have been working on a Spooky Incentive for October! Be on the lookout for information to come regarding October's Tech and Treat. It's certain to be a Ghoulish Good Time!!!!!!!
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