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November 10, 2019

Sobering Reality . . .

We have a family with students at CN Junior/Senior High who lived in a car this week. Take a minute and let that sink in . . . THEY LIVED IN A CAR! They lost their home several weeks ago. They moved in with a family member but could no longer stay there. They had no other immediate options, so they lived in a car while they searched for a place to live.

When we were made aware, we reached out to people who may be able to help them and offer services and we will continue to follow up with them to make sure the children are safe and share information with you as we are able. But when I reflect on all of the issues I have dealt with this week, at school and at home, they all pale in comparison to what these kids, KIDS, have faced this week.

How do you think they slept? What do you think their meals were like? How do you think they were able to work on anything for school? If they don't have a place to work or a place to live, do we really think the parents check Canvas or Powerschool for grades? Attend conferences? Read or answer emails?

Do we have a whole school of students like this? No, or at least certainly not to this degree. I do believe however that we have many students whose basic needs are barely being met at home. We have students who have very limited contact with a positive adult outside of school. We have students who come to school every day because it's the best place they have to be. And while we are here to help them learn and grow and develop the skills they need for the future, for some of our students getting them in our building somedays is a success.

We can't fix every situation for every kid or meet all of their needs at school. We all know that. But we can continue to develop relationships, work to understand them on a deeper level, adapt instruction and practices, and seek multiple ways to measure and celebrate individual successes, academic and beyond.

I know that's asking a lot of us. Trust me, I don't always get it right and I have to remind myself often. But I've remained in education for 26 years because I am committed to keep trying. I believe that kids are worth it and while we can't change their home lives, we can make their school lives the best they can be. If we agree on nothing else this week, can we agree on this?

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Operation Christmas Child

Thank you to Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Lindsey, Mrs. Earnhart, our ED staff & students, and all of our staff and students who took part in Operation Christmas Child. Your help, caring, and support will bless many children around the world!

Miracle Tree Tags

Miracle Tree Tags will be taped to my door on Monday. If you'd like to help out with our adopted children in need (I requested CN family students), please stop by and grab a tag. I looked through them quickly today and there is a wide range of ages and fun things to purchase. Thank you in advance for helping.

New Program & Position

We posted this week for a new supervisor position in the School for Alternative Placement and Support. This is not our current Alt School, but will be a program for students who are separated from our school due to suspension. Students who are suspended will report to the program for continued education rather than spending unproductive time at home often unsupervised. We collaborated and wrote a grant for this program and received funding for the 1st year through the Dekko Foundation. We hope the data from the program supports its continuation and additional funding may be obtained. Please share the posting with anyone you think might be interested.

Finals Schedule

We will hold Qtr 2 Finals on 12/19 & 12/20. The schedule has been shared via Google Docs.

For Your Calendars:

11/20 - School Board Meeting

11/26-12/7 - NHS/NJHS Gift Wrapping

12/1 - Speech & Debate Event @ Jr/Sr HS

12/19-20 - Semester Finals

12/20 - Staff Holiday Party (Save the Date)