Husky-tastic Summer Learning

July 9. 2021

Super Science Sleuths

Week # 4 of Summer Learning was completed with a variety of activities.

Tuesday was Space Day and students built rockets and tested them with Carnegie Science Center Scientists. Students also had fun making galaxy slime! We do apologize for all the glitter the students wore home............but they truly loved the slime!

Wednesday was Weather Day. In addition to learning about weather, students were treated to a popsicle painting party with Kelli Emfinger from Paint Your Heart Out.

Raptor Day was Thursday and the hit of the week with students dissecting owl pellets. The faces we saw while the students dissected the pellets to find out what the owl had for dinner were amazing!

On Friday, the Husky-tastic learners traveled back in time to the 1700s in WV with a visit to Prickett's Fort State Park. Dominos pizza was served at lunch!

Schedule for Week of July 12

Monday, July 12 - Learning in session

Tuesday, July 13 - Learning in session

Wednesday, July 13- Learning in session

FIELD TRIP Thursday, July 15- Learning in Session - Field Trip to Smoke Hole Caverns; Last day of summer learning

Going Batty

Week # 5's theme is Going Batty. Students will be learning about different types of caves, stalactites and stalagmites, cave animals, and bats. We will end the week with a trip to Smoke Hole Caverns to put our learning into action.

Special activities for the week include:

Monday - Magic Show by Mark Clayton

Tuesday - Wild World of Animals by Grant Kemmerer

Wednesday - What is NanoScience? by Spark WV Science Center

Thursday - Field trip to Smoke Hole Caverns

Parent Chaperones

The following parents are on the list to ride the bus to our Field Trips.

If you would like to ride the bus and your name is not on this list, please contact Mrs. Phillips.

Smoke Hole Caverns:

Nikki Forquer

Amy Moore

Jessica or Josh Bennett

Amy White

Betty Lemons

Pamela Zickefoose

Tracy Davis

Madaline Bowman

Rachel or Jacque Strawder

Melissa Furr

Amber Klema

Ieysha Claypool

Tiffany Claypool

Kristen Hibbs

** Entrance fees will be included in the group admission for bus chaperones.

If your name is not on this list and you wish to ride the bus, please contact Mrs. Phillips via email or text (304 613 8928). I will be out of town and not in the office to answer the phone.

Parents Who Plan to Meet Us At Prickett's Fort

Stephanie Beer

Chastity Pennington

Melissa Hollen

Jenny Russell

Nikki Howard

Jammie Kincaid

Field Trip Information

Big picture

July 15 Return time to HES - 3:30 p.m.

Please meet us at HES to pick up your child.