SOLE Definitions

Written by SOLE students:

Diana says:

"SOLE is a Student-Oriented Learning Environment that teaches more than what regular classes have to offer. SOLE not only helps us communicate with each other for help instead of teachers spoon feeding us the information it also develops certain life skills, like time management, organizing skills, leadership, and presentation skills which become very helpful."

Brandon Says:

The SOLE classroom is a new way of education and allows us to learn more independently
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Hannah Says:

"SOLE is a combination of three different subjects, History, Language Arts, and technology. In SOLE, there is a lot of freedom in where we sit and what technology and projects that we do and who we do them with. Students in this class have to be responsible for technology, furniture, and their own learning."
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Juan Carlos Says:

"Sole is a student organized learning environment that lets us express ourselves through our projects and learning.This is not an ordinary classroom because learning is not controlled by the teacher, but by the students.This will engage and encourage the learner to feel ¨in charge¨ of their education."
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Alicia Says:

"SOLE to us students means easier learning, it helps us become self-organized and gives us more freedom. It shows students how to become independent and makes them feel better about their learning. It is great because we are allowed to go on our own and learn what we need to learn rather than only what teachers tell us to learn."
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Destiny Says:

"SOLE prepares us for life. It teaches students to handle multiple things at once & how to handle pressure."
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