Recycle Bin 2.0

Only $4.99!!!

Recycle Bin 2.0

Have you ever wanted to recycle something but thought, "Man I wish it was more fun to recycle."? Well now it is With the recycle bin 2.0! The recycling bin 2.0 is made so you choose what it looks like which make recycling funner! Plus at this cheap new price any one can recycle with joy.


We carry three exciting sets, Willie Whale, Ricky Robot and Carly Cat that are all fun and easy to make. Each set includes Earth-friendly paints, recycled cardboard, instructions And a recycling bin. All you have to do is tape/glue the cardboard to the bin how ever you want (or follow the given instructions) and paint it. IT'S JUST THAT EASY!

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Ricky Robot ⇧