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This time of year can be tough and I always like to add a little something different to my routine to change it up a bit in the new year, to give me new motivation. So, I thought I would share some engaging websites that you can use to chase away those winter blues and keep students excited about learning.

Struggling with Academics

Have you been trying to teach a concept and it seems like your students are just not understanding it? Sometimes, as educators, we have to take a step back and try something different. We can't always do the same things and expect different results. Academic Interventions can take place when you are trying to teach a new skill, build fluency in a skill, or encourage a student to apply an existing skill to a new situation or setting. Take a look at the links below and see how these resources can be used in your classrooms. Please note that this resource can be used for K-5 and is not only for students that are considered EC. One thing that I can attest to is that in many interventions that my former EC teachers suggested for a particular child, also worked with my Regular Ed students. So please consider using these for all students if they apply.

*Don't forget to take a look at the "Now What" Tools in Mclass as well as Branching Minds to get ideas for academic & behavior interventions*

Academic Intervention

FCRR- Grades K-1 Grade 2-3 Grade 4-5

Behavior Interventions

We all know that one child in class, that it doesn't seem to matter what we say they are going to march to the beat of their own drum. Behavior interventions are steps that teachers take to stop behavior issues in classroom/school. We have to be "proactive instead of reactive." The first step is to identify the problem behavior and what could be triggering these behaviors. Below are some free intervention resources that you can use in class to help become a "proactive" teacher. I will say that true intervention takes time and it doesn't just happen overnight. You must monitor and adjust the rewards or reinforcement for appropriate behavior over time.

Behavior Intervention

PBIS World

*Branching Minds also has behavior interventions to help in the classroom*

Behavior Intervention Article

Take a Brain Break

Incorporate brain breaks into your classroom. has a wide variety of engaging activities that take 5 minutes or less and can be used to either get your kids moving, destress, stretch, or just take a minute to breathe. It's free and easy to sign up.

  • Have students meditate before tests
  • Get up and move after a long activity
  • Stretch to transition to a new subject
  • Energize to start their day

To try it and/or sign up, go here:

Create Some Word Cloud Art

We've all used word clouds before, especially at the start of the year. Tagul is my favorite word cloud site because it allows for a lot of customization. For the middle of the year, students can create a word clouds to:

  • Brainstorm
  • Assess prior knowledge
  • Improve their vocabulary
  • Reflect
  • Get to know one another
  • Generate poetry ideas
  • Analyze character traits
  • Share story elements

Tagul is also completely free to use. Go here to try it out: