Perfect Blinds for Your New Home

Selecting The Perfect Blinds

How to Select Perfect Blinds for Your New Home

Selecting the perfect blinds for your new home need no longer be a daunting task fraught with uncertainties as to suitability of material, colour, texture or even suitability of the entire treatment of your windows. With easily available expertise and experience at Apollo Blinds, every window and door treatment is now a wonderful experience.

Apollo Blinds offers a wide selection of blinds for your windows. With the help of our expert staff, instead of finding the process bewildering, our clients find it a blessing and are thrilled at the sheer range of material, textures, colours and window treatment options. We make the entire process so easy and enlightening.

For the uninitiated, a window “blind” is something constructed from vanes or slats, which can be adjusted to control quantum of light or privacy via a manual wand, pull cord or hand-held remote control device. And for those wanting to go really hi-tech, there’s even light-sensitive electronics that can be coupled to motorized window blinds.

Vertical blinds Melbourne are wonderful, fully adjustable window dressing devices that add value to your room décor. You can keep the slats closed for light and privacy control, or open them just a bit or open them half-way or all the way – the choice is yours. A fully open window blind allows light to enter the room and also permits unobstructed view of the other side of the window.

Window Blinds for your New Home - get the technicalities our of the way

Generally you start with selecting the correct width of the slat for your window blind. There are three sizes ranging from ½ inch up to 2 inches. For a home, ½ inch would be perfect as it provides a contemporary look to the window. But if you are on a tight budget, opt for the 1-inch versions as they are more economical.

Next, decide on the orientation of the slats – Horizontal or vertical. Generally, window blinds with horizontally placed slats are recommended for homes. Window blinds with vertically placed slats are generally opened by drawing the blinds to one side as opposed to raising the blinds. These Vertical window blinds are generally seen in commercial establishments with wide windows and sliding glass doors

That said, we at Apollo Blinds often recommend vertical window blinds because these days they are available in a wonderful range of sheer fabrics. Visit to any of our stores and you would be amazed at the range of sheer fabrics used in the design of beautiful vertical window blinds.

Choosing the right colour for your Roller Blinds Newcastle

Go neutral! The colour of your window blinds should closely match the colour of the window trim in the room. If you select any other colour, you would end up changing the room colour, décor to match the window blind or changing the window blinds every time you change the room décor.

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Apollo Blinds since 1988 specialises in custom made, affordable quality blinds, awnings and shutters for commercial and domestic. A Stylish look and feel is a big part of what makes your house a home. At Apollo we are experts in combining real craftsmanship with the precision of modern technology, to create the solutions you would like for living, working or exterior spaces.