January 2015

Embrace Your Pilates Body

The January-February issue of Pilates Style magazine included an interview with Faye Stevenson, owner of Bayside Pilates in Oakland, California, and a busy new mom. Some of her reflections reminded me of why I love Pilates. It's not just a wonderful fitness regimen but a healthy way of living. For example:

  • "I'm heavier now (after the birth of my baby, but thanks to Pilates, I still feel great."
  • "Pilates is much more likely to alter your shape than how much you weigh. Wear your wardrobe with confidence to give you a daily performance boost in whatever you do."
  • "Pilates will help you carry yourself with more poise and confidence. The amount that you weigh may not be swayed, but with a regular Pilates practice in full swing, everybody will be noticing your improved presence and you will be feeling great."
  • "Your home practice is necessary to really infuse your body with Pilates. Unless you are able to take a lesson every day, consider home practice as part of the Pilates commitment that you are making for yourself."

Schedule changes

Business trips will draw me away from the studio on the following dates:

January 27-29 and Feb. 4-7. I'm really sorry that I won't be able to have classes on those dates, especially for the Wednesday people who will have to miss two sessions. If you will be absent on any other days in the next month, please let me know so that I might offer your slot to someone who would like to make up a skipped session.

Please note that the Saturday yoga session on Feb. 7 will be in session. I will have a substitute teacher, Karley Lott, who is an excellent instructor. You will really enjoy her.

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Enjoying a night out at the Louisville Cards basketball game with Maxine Rouben

Real Men Do Pilates

It's odd that an exercise system developed by a man attracts far more women than men around the world. Founder Joseph H. Pilates was a former boxer and gymnast who also rehabilitated wounded internees during World War I.

Most men who come to the Pilates Louisville studio do so at the urging of their wives, but then typically quickly commit when they feel the difference from regular sessions.

At Balanced Body Pilates facilities around the country, many elite athletes have discovered that Pilates shaves seconds off their running times, helps them hit baseballs and golf balls farther, and keeps them from injuring themselves during basketball and football games.

At Pilates Nosara in Nosara, Costa Rica, owner Page Sieffert started an all-male class after women clients mentioned that their husbands were often complaining about back and hip pain. "One male client was a rugby player, and all of them were avid surfers," Sieffert says." When I told them that this form of exercise could make them better surfers, I had their interest. I think men are under the misconception that Pilates doesn't make you sweat and if you aren't sweating you aren't working out. I can tell you, at the end of each of my sessions, these guys are dripping." One client, who had suffered serious back trauma, was told that he would never run again. "The last 10 years I have been so stiff and feeling like I am about 60 years old. During the last 10 months I have focused on rehabbing my body and mind...and now at 33 I surf better than I ever have before. Pilates will be part of my life forever."