Education Issues Around the World

By: Tony Remmen

Definition and Description

Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. Mainly a lot of countries in Africa have very low adult literacy rates. Poverty leads a lot of children and adults not to go to school.
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Causes of the problem

A lot of times children and adults do not go to school to get an education because some families can not always afford for their families to go to school. That then causes for people in some countries to have low adult literacy rates. Also if a country does not allow people to go to school is probably because of genocide or tyranny because a ruler might think that the people in the country might want to over throw his power if they get the right education.
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Why is education a global issue?

Education is a global issue because without education people can not get a good paying job and then that leads to poverty, which it comes back around so then children can not get an education.

  • One thing in Afghanistan why people can not go to school because of corruption. The U.S has tried to help Afghanistan but in 2010, 19 people stole nearly $1 billion from the country's largest private bank.
  • Not very many people can go to school in Pakistan because of overpopulation, inflation, and poverty. If prices go up for things than it would be hard to go to school without money.
  • Nepal have low expectations of themselves because they think they can not make their country better but actually that mentality is actually is what hurting them the most.

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Solution for people that do not have the proper Education

The solution all starts when people start asking themselves what education truly is, some say education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world while knowledge is something completely different. Those who said that are absolutely correct. After people finally find the true definition of education then we all can work together to have every place around the country after equal education. Once that happens people can go to school for free every where around the world and then they can grow up to be intelligent people with good education, that will make it easier for them to survive in the world. We can make everywhere have school for free if we can work with the UN or if we make a new group that can help make that a possible choice.
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