Board Briefs

Meeting Highlights - September 2017

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Enrollment & Staffing Update

As of Tuesday, September 19, 2017, the District has enrolled 41,089 students. That is up nearly 600 students from September 2016 and up 94 students over projections.

Class sizes vary throughout the district and a few are higher than optimal. Resources from the Local Option Levy significantly improve many class sizes.

As of September 19, there have been 566 hires or promotions, including 300 full-time and part-time licensed, 247 full-time and part-time classified and 19 full-time administrators.

Approval of Strategic Plan Measures & Reporting Schedules

The School Board will review progress on the Strategic Plan measures annually at the Fall and Winter Work Sessions. Bond updates, school reports, financial reports and Community Partnership Team reports will be reported at Business meetings throughout the year.

Public Comment

The Board heard testimony on the following topics:

  • BEA concerns over requirements to provide feedback to parents and students, and a positive response to Early Release/Teacher Collaboration time

  • A push to make school parking lots "idle-free zones" for both buses and cars

  • OSEA communication among members and engaging members in training during Early Release/Teacher Collaboration

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Terra Linda Elementary School

Terra Linda Elementary School Principal Christy Batsell shared a report with the Board on the successes and challenges at her school. Batsell said the school is currently celebrating a new running track, paid for through fundraising and community partners.

Batsell says she is excited about the growth of students, especially in English Language Arts and subgroups. She says growth in Mathematics remains a challenge. She is looking forward to the new Math curriculum adoption. Batsell says teachers will spend a lot of collaboration time focusing on that subject area.

Another area of concern is the number of students missing more than 10 school days a year. Batsell says the school is using a variety of strategies from the Culture of Care pilot program to work to improve attendance rates.

Mountain View Middle School

Mountain View Middle School Principal Matt Pedersen highlighted the school's work to reduce rates of student suspensions in the past two years. Pedersen said the staff has worked on adjusting disciplinary procedures to focus on supporting students who make poor choices. Through programs like restorative justice and summer school, the total days of suspensions have dropped from 580 to 182 in the past two years.

Pedersen also shared his work with his Hispanic parent community engagement team "Padres Unidos." He started the group after observing low engagement from Spanish-speaking families. He invited four parents to form an advisory group. The group has grown to eight leadership parents and another 66 who are interested in being involved. Pedersen said Hispanic parent engagement is up substantially.

Pedersen also focused on Mountain View's close relationship with Aloha High School. He said the partnership has really improved continuity between the band programs at the two schools. He also shared that teachers from both schools have worked together to provide a better transition for incoming freshmen at Aloha.

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Individual School Board Member Comments

  • Board Member Donna Tyner and Board Chair Anne Bryan met with Kristine Baggett, Executive Director, Beaverton Education Foundation, to discuss their support of the Foundation. Donna also toured the Career and Technical Education improvements at Aloha High School with one of the primary writers of Measure 98. She also attended the Hazeldale Elementary School Groundbreaking.

  • Board Vice Chair Becky Tymchuk attended the Mountainside High School 5k and Grand Opening. She said it was heartening to see how the community has embraced the new high school.

  • Board Member Tom Colett met with three principals in his zone. He also attended the Raleigh Hills K-8 carnival. Tom and LeeAnn are having a back-to-school coffee at Ava Roasteria on Saturday, October 28 from 9 - 11 a.m. Tom also voiced his support for the Board's Resolution in Support of Immigrant Students and Families.

Other Reports, Discussion & Action

The full packet with meeting materials can be found on BoardBook.

Directors: Anne Bryan (Chair), Becky Tymchuk (Vice Chair), Tom Colett,

Susan Greenberg, LeeAnn Larsen, Eric Simpson, Donna Tyner

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Disclaimer: This publication does not represent the official minutes of the Board of Directors' meeting. Minutes are recorded by the Board Recording Secretary and included in the consent agenda of the following month's Board packet; they become official after the Board votes to approve the consent agenda during the next regular meeting.

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