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Before we go into court, it is important you know a few terms of importance.

The first step in a case is that a lawyer, or in this case us file a complaint. The complaint states who the plaintiff and the defendant is, as well as describing the case.

The second step is where the defendant may send his/her attorney to respond to the complaint. Here there are pleadings, where its the complaint and the answer combined in a civil case.

The third step are pre-trial discussions, which helps determine the differences and prepare for the trial. The two parties may come to a settlement here.

The fourth step and on only happens when the two parties do not come to a settlement. Here the case goes to trial, with a jury or can be heard by a judge alone. The two parties summarize their cases here.

The fifth step is the verdict the judge or jury gives. If the plaintiff wins the defendant will have to pay a number of expenses

The sixth and final step is if the parties think something went wrong then they can appeal to a higher court.

There are a couple extra terms and process you need to know. Mediation is where a third party comes in and try's to help the defendant and the plaintiff reach an agreement. Arbitration is where a third party comes in and listens to both sides reviews the case and then comes up with a decision that is binding for both sides. And for the plaintiff to win they must have a prepondenerance of evidence, which means the plaintiff must have at least 51% of evidence point to the defendants being guilty.

That's a summary of it, of course there is more which you can call and ask about all the details or ask us when you meet our law firm in person!

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