Colonial days of Maryland

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The foundations, lifestyle and culture of 'The Colonial Maryland'

- Maryland was Founded in 1634.

- It was founded by Lord Baltimore.

- It was the 2nd plantation colony but the 4th English colony out of all thirteen colonies.

- Lord Baltimore founded the colony because he was anxious for the financial profit from agriculture and also give shelter to the Roman Catholics who were being abused by the Anglican churches.

- People in Colonial Maryland mostly worked on farming, fishing and lumbering.

- The main industry in Maryland was tobacco plantation.

- The colony was named after Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I.

- Lord Baltimore chose the name Maryland in honor of King Charles I wife.

- The colonists came from England in search of a better life style.

- A unique thing about these colonists was that they wanted to practice their own religion and were dedicated to work on their own.

- Maryland provided religious freedom for Catholics and protestants.

- The First General Assembly (law-making assembly of freemen) met at St. Mary's City, the Battle of Brandwine are important because those are 2 of the many causes of the American Revolution.

- Frederick Douglass- Freed slave and abolitionist.

Clara Barton- teacher, nurse and humanitarian.

Leonard Calvert- he was the 1st proprietary Governor of Maryland.

- In Maryland religion did not have much effect on the people of the colony and neither did it have much effect on the government. Every christian has the same rights.


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