"My Side of the Mountain"

By Jean Craighead George

Book Summary

# of Pages 177 The main character of this book is Sam Gribly. He runs away from his home in New York City to where the story takes place in the Catskill mountains. While he is there, he has to learn how to live off of the land and cope with different weather and hunters. Since the old home is gone, he builds his own place in a tree. While he did some research, several people and animals help him. He has help from his pet, Frightful, a falcon he trains to help him hunt for food. He also has help from a librarian who helps him find survival books in the local library. Finally Sam also gets help from Professor Bando who Sam helped when he got lost in the wood. The main conflict is how to survive in the woods - from finding food to staying warm in the very harsh winters. Lastly, the point of view is in 1st person.

Catch Phrase - To do well, you have to try hard.

Themes in the story include survival, self-reliance, teamwork and appreciating nature. Sam had to learn how to rely on himself and how to survive. He also had to work with his falcon and Professor Bando in order to get food. He had to learn about how to use the plants in the woods to survive.


How Do the Themes Apply to Me?

The themes apply to me because I try to be self reliant. I try to get my homework done by myself. I also like to help other people. I like to go camping and can set up my tent by myself and am learning many survival skills. I work hard to keep getting better with my ability to work with a team. Lastly I appreciate nature by helping protect the environment - I recycle, pick up trash, stay on trails, and don't take things.