The Great Gatsby

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Money Can't Buy You Happiness

Gatsby wanted to become rich and popular to win his dream girl. She always said rich girls should not marry poor boys so Gatsby wanted to become wealthy. Wealth bring happiness, they say. In the end his wealth didn't make him happier. One can say it killed him. He tried to win a girl that was already married with a child so he was in trouble from the start. He thought money could help him.

Old Money vs. New Money

Daisy married Tom becasue, at that time, he had money to give Daisy what she wanted. He was new money in her eyes. Now, years later, his money is old money meaning he's not as rich as he was then. Daisy wants new money again. Gatsby then enters her life again and she sees how much "new money" he has now.

Appearence vs. Reality

Daisy married Tom because he looked like he could provide her with anything she desired. She married him for the money she thought he had. She later discovers he doesn't have as much as she originally thought. He didn't even pay for his own suite in the wedding. He borrowed it from someone else. The reality that he has nothing didn't come to Daisy until after she married him.

Moral Corruption of American Society

There is a lot of drinking during Gatsby's parties. People just help themselves and get drunk. Nick witnesses an occasion where a drunk driver lost his car wheel. He came out of the wreck saying "I din' notice we'd stopped" (Pg 55), as drunk as he was. This event shows the corruption of the drunks coming out of Gatsby's parties.

Another way corruption is challenged is all the cheating going on between the group of main characters. Daisy is cheating on Tom with Gatsby. When Tom finds this out he gets really mad at Daisy. All the while, Tom is cheating on Daisy with Myrtle. They are cheating on each other. The corruption of American society is clearly shown in this love disaster.

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