Where is Middle Earth?

Montana, United States of America


Montana is a very good resemblance to Middle Earth. The landscape is beautiful with many grassy plains and beautiful mountains with rivers. There are clean rivers and lakes, and is not that polluted. The language that they speak is English. Their culture is having Pow Wows and they are home to many Indian Tribes. They also farm and ranch. Many people wear a coat in the winter because it is very cold in the winter.


Montana best represents Middle Earth because its landscape and mountains look very similar to Middle Earth. One of Montana's mountains is called Lone Mountain. This name is very similar to Lonely Mountain in Middle Earth. It says,"When they got to the top of it, leading their ponies, they saw that the great mountains had marched down very near to them. Already they I seemed only a day's easy journey from the feet of the nearest. Dark and drear it looked, though there were patches of sunlight on its brown sides, and behind its shoulders the tips of snow-peaks gleamed." The Lone Mountain also has snow capped peaks, and it is great ad big just like it said in the passage. It also says, "Deep-set round windows looking over his garden and meadows beyond, sloping down to the river." This shows that the landscape in Middle Earth is similar to Montana's grassy landscape. In Montana, the landscape is beautiful just like Middle Earth with its grassy landscape and mountains. Montana also has clean lakes and rivers, which makes the drinking water clean to drink.

Counter Claim

Montana is the best Middle Earth because its landscape and mountains are perfect. Other places would not represent Middle Earth better than Montana because Montana looks perfectly alike with Middle Earth. Montana has very clear and clean lakes and rivers for clean drinking water. It is not too loud there. It has grassy plains where you could put the Hobbit Holes. The Rocky Mountains in Montana also represent the Misty Mountains very well. Lone Mountain can represent the Lonely Mountain. They both have snowy peaks and are big. They also have similar names. In Brazil, it is polluted there and it is too hot there. In Montana winters are cold and summers are hot or warm. China is too polluted and there is overpopulation to be Middle Earth. This is why I chose Montana. It is not that polluted and the temperature is not that bad.The bad thing about Montana is that there are droughts sometimes, which will cause death.


In conclusion, Montana is the best representation of Middle Earth. The landscape, mountains, and rivers are very similar to the ones in the Hobbit. Montana is also very clean, which makes it a more better place to live in comfort. You could also use the grassy plains as Hobbit Holes. It is not too loud and you can live with nature surrounding you in a good way. Montana overall is the best place for a Middle Earth.
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