10 cultures or traditions

By: Alex Ulbrich

Family Reunions

It is a tradition that we have a family reunion in Iowa every 5 years.

Advent Christmas calendar

In december every year, we count down the days to Christmas with an advent calendar. Each morning, you eat a candy depending on what day it is.

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We always call or text family members to wish them happy birthday


A son's middle name is his father's first name

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New family members

When new family members are born, we go visit them.

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I knew the first 9 traditions, but had to ask my dad about the last one.

By having a thanksgiving dinner, we conform to culture in America.

By lighing the fireworks in Iowa, we don't breal the law.

The gift exchange reflects our values.

culture- refers to the knowledge, language, values, custome, and members of a group.

Law- norms that are formally defined and enforced by officials.

Values- broad ideas about what most people in a society consider to be desireable.