Angelo Toner

You're Not the Only One

My Interview Partner

Thelma S.

My step moms name is Thelma S, And she was born in Dominican Republic at 1963. She went to Middle School at 1978-1980. She started puberty at the age of 11-14.

The 8 questions asked

1.What kinds of music, movies, and fashions were popular at the time?

At the late 70's and early 80's , there were popular movies like, ''Dance Fever'', with John Travolta. popular music was, Donna Summer, ''Lets Dance'' , Diana Ross, ''I Will Survive!''. The faction that was popular was ''Bell Bottom Pants'', ''Afros'', And a lot of puffy hair.

''It was a really a good time, and a lot of fun!''She said.

2.What Job or interests did you have when you were a teenager?

She worked in a Supermarket at Dominican Republic.She can't remember the name, but she liked it when she worked their!

3.What was the best part at being in middle school?.....

The best part at being in middle school was having fun at recess, and walking home with my friends for 5 MILES everyday.

4....And the worst part at being at middle school?

The worst thing at being in middle school is to walk back home for 5 miles because school buses were not invented yet. Walking for 5 miles under the sun or through the rain or storms.

5.How would you describe yourself in middle school

At middle school, I would feel Shy ,and happy

6.What advice about growing up would you give to kids at my age?

I'd say to be patient ween growing up, to be responsible, and to respect others, so they can respect you. And, to respect yourself, And be happy.

7.What goals did you have while you were growing up?

My goals I wanted when I grew up was to become a model, and a Fly tender, Because I wanted to learn more languages, and meet other people.

8.What was your favorite lesson or activity in school?

My favorite activity or lesson at school was gym, and recces