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Week of December 8


I hope you are enjoying the Titan Holiday surprises as much as we are giving them to you! As we start the countdown to a time of rest, keep the focus in your classrooms. In each PLC, keep your conversations purposeful and student-driven. Each and every thing we do here is to improve the education of our students. At the close of each lesson I challenge you to reflect upon the instruction and ask yourself, "Did I get the results I planned for?" If you have large percentages of students still retaining misconceptions about the content, then it's time for a deep and honest look at the lesson design process. There may be gaps you will need to fill before moving on to the tougher concepts. Yes, I know time is tight, but if anyone can do it, you guys can. Our students have unique opportunity to have you all as teachers - that in itself is a tremendous win!

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Week of December 8-12

Monday, December 8

7th PAP to OLC

Boys Bball vs Wilson (7th home/8th away)

Board Meeting 7:00pm

Star Chart Due by 4:30 pm

Tuesday, December 9

7th On Level to OLC

Dr. Rue's Student Roundtable 2:00 (library)

Winter Choir Concert 7:00 BNHS

Wednesday, December 10

Barker @ Tx Principal's Visioning Inst (Houston)

Thursday, December 11

Barker @ Tx Principal's Visioning Inst

Girls Bball vs Wilson (7th home/8th away)

Friday, December 12

Staff Development Meeting 8:15 Library

Important Information

  • Congrats to the Art Dept and M Sly for her 3rd place win in the NISD Holiday Card Contest! She will be honored at the Board Meeting Monday evening. You are welcome to join me there in support of Tidwell. 7:00pm NISD Administration Center.
  • A big thank you to the staff for their support in the NISD Academy interview process that occurred this week. Our goal is to move the process as quickly as possible so students miss the least amount of class.
  • Upcoming dates for the 2nd semester: Feb 6 - 7th graders will be visiting all the NISD Academies and Jan 26 - 8th graders will be visiting UNT.
  • Keep up the great work modeling reading for your students! We have over 600 books logged for the staff!! I encourage you to ask students in the hallways what # book they are on....I've done that this week and found out that we have some very avid readers in the building!
  • Your Parent Conference documentation logs are due to you PDAS appraiser by Dec 19th.
  • Want to take a look into the mind of a middle schooler?
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This week's fun will include......

Monday - Homemade treats and goodies!

Friday - Cookie Decorating in the Lounge!

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