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Witches in Salem


Betty Parris a young ten year old child found on the high roads sprinting around attempting to fly. The night before Reverend Parris, the father of Betty Parris, saw Tituba, Ruth, Abigail, Mary, Betty and Mercy in the woods after dusk dancing under a full moon.

Tituba told Reverend Hale that the girls had asked her to summon Ruth's dead 7 older sisters. Most of the girls drank chickens blood to test witchcraft. The girls later found out that a frog hopped into the kettle pot which caused Betty and Ruth to have a momentary laps of illness.

Keep a Look Out for these Possible Witches:

Bridget Bishop

Sarah Good

Goody Osburn

George Jacobs

Goody Howe

Martha Bellows

Goody Sibber

Alice Barrow

Goody Bibber

Goody Hawkins

Goody Booth

By: Jessica K, Summer S, Lizz R, Sharon M