Do we need to be careful when using

a mobile phone?

mircowaves (radiation) (radio waves)

Microwaves are highly frequency radio waves which are made in different types of transmitter and in a mobile phone, they are  made by a transmitter chip. The length of the signal is about a couple of centimeters.

phone tumours

phones can cause brains tumours because of the radiation effects the arties makes tumours.

phone addicts and health issues .

Is a real condition that experts have given it a name: "Nomophobia"The obsession is leading people to have sleepless nights.Most people these days are never without their phones and the mobile handsets are carried around all day   provide instant pleasure means the risk of addiction is greater.Londoners are the most phone-obsessed in the country  because london is a big business city. people who suffer with conditon has  low self-esteem if they were not free to receive calls and text messages.

tracking and spying!

lot of people over  the world , now use spying and tracking software . spying and tracking has became really popular in recent year because many adults use it to spy and track their children, to find where they are and the police force uses it and you can buy an app on iphones. 

talking and driving

A better understanding of why language – talking and listening, including on a cell phone – interferes with visual tasks, such as driving because speaking put far more demands on the brain’s resources than listening does .people using phone are 4x likely to cause an acident because the brain struggles to focus on two objects at the same time.

wifi hackers

wifi hacking is a big a problem over the world because  these days more people are using wifi's to connect to the internet and this is  a advantage to the hacker because not everyone has a password to stop hackers from getting into thier wifi's ,so the best way  to stop hackers to have a password and to buy the non-hackers software from the internet .