Composite Figures


IXL Objectives - Due 5/18

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Station#1 - Compound Figures Task Cards - #10

1) Show work on paper

2) Scan QR code to check work. Make corrections if needed!
3) Turn into basket

Station #2 - Quilt Area - Google Lock Activity - #11

1) Work with your table

2) The Quilt problem is below.

2) Show work on activity page.

3) Enter answers into the google form to get the code.

4) Turn work into basket.

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Station #3 - IXL & Ten Marks - #12

IXL: FF.6 - Draw shape and add lines to show how you are breaking up the compound shape (10 problems on paper)

Ten Marks:

Finding Area of Composite Figures ( work on paper)

Turn in IXL and Ten Marks to the same basket!

Station #4 - Dream House - #13

1) Directions can be found on the google document below.

2) You will draw your Dream House in a Google Draw document (already shared with you in the math classroom)

3) You will type in your dimensions in the chart (already shared with you in the math classroom)

4) Turn in both documents in google classroom when completed.

Be creative :)

Extra! Extra!

Create Compound Figures

1) Roll the color cube, and one number cube. The number rolled will be the quantity of the shape you must use. ex: 4 green triangles

2) Repeat step 1 three times. *roll the color cube again if you get the same color!

3) Use all of your shapes and create one composite Figure. Draw your figure on the paper.

4) Roll both number dice (add together) to get your base(s) and height.

5) Find the areas of your shapes and total area of your figure.

6) Record your information onto the activity page.