6th Grade LV Tech

by: Colton

Typing Web

  1. Every technology class we would start off with 5 minutes of this website.
  2. It's fun to try and beat your friends in this but also not go to fast to the point where your failing.
  3. You will be put to the test trying to do keyboard training without looking at your keyboard.


  1. You get to create a trailer based video on something.
  2. It is a mobile device app and you have to pay for it.
  3. We had lots of fun creating itrailers and you will to.

Haiku Deck

  1. You get to put together a job you want in the future.
  2. Then you get to present it in the class to everyone.
  3. Its a lot of fun to find everything and gather the resources and haiku is fun in general.

Explain Everything

  1. You get to choose a math problem from a wide variety of easy, normal etc.
  2. Then you record your voice and show how to complete your problem.
  3. Plus its just really fun to make it look pretty.

Career Locker

  1. This is almost like last year when you got to go to career locker and mess around and have fun while learning but this is a more mature version.
  2. Find colleges you might want to go to in the future.
  3. While doing that you might just find a new career that you want to do.


  1. You get to spend 1 or 2 days doing this for the whole class if your done with all your assignments.
  2. You can do coding of fun games like flappy bird and plants vs zombies you cant forget about minecraft either.
  3. You can create awesome levels to try and have your friends try and beat and its so fun you might go and do it at home.