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October 19, 2015

Front Row Math Website

Are you looking for another way to practice math at home? I have signed our class up to use a website called Front Row. This is a website which can be used at home and will provide targeted independent practice of math skills. Front Row can fill in gaps in math skills and build on strengths in math.

In order to use it at home, you would log onto then enter your child's first and last name. The class code for our class is: y2tp5q. I would suggest starting with the domain - Base 10. First students will be given a quick assessment, then they will move onto the math practice. Students will earn cool incentives for providing correct answers. Please let me know if you have any questions about using Front Row.

Time for Kids Magazine

Our class has started receiving Time for Kids magazine! Yay! You can watch for it to come home on Thursdays. For homework, students will be asked to read the cover story as well as any other articles from the magazine which they are interested in reading. This reading could count as their 20 minutes of reading homework.

Students will need to bring Time for Kids back to school on Friday. After we read the cover story again as a class on Friday, students will take a quiz on the information in the cover story. Reading Time for Kids on a weekly basis will be a great opportunity to keep up with current events, to read informational text on interesting science and social studies topics, and to practice going back to text to find evidence in order to answer questions.

Parent Conferences

I am looking forward to the parent conferences which have been set up for October. If you would like to sign up for a parent conference, then there are more spots available on the Sign Up Genius link. If there is not a time listed that will work for your schedule, please let me know and we can find another time that will work for us both.

Parent Conference Sign Up

Box Tops for Education

The Media Center will have a grade level Box Tops for Education contest Oct. 19-30. Please save your Box Top UPC’s to send in during that time. The Media Center receives 10 cents from each UPC. Last year we collected over $3,000.00 in UPC’s. For more information visit What a wonderful way to recycle trash!

Multiplication Quizzes

Students have been prepared and are ready for their multiplication quizzes. Thank YOU for helping your child study on a daily basis for these fact fluency quizzes. Don't forget about using as one way to study multiplication facts.

Next Quiz:

October 21 - 3's

Math Update

Our class has started Chapter 3 which is all about subtraction. We will be working on subtracting with and without regrouping, rounding numbers then finding the difference, and subtraction word problems where we have to read the key details to determine if an estimate or an exact answer is needed.

ELA Update

During our ELA time, we are working on writing summaries of stories which include the characters, setting, problem, and solution. As part of our study of traditional literature, we will be writing summaries of fairy tales this week.

Our class continues to work on writing scary stories about a time when they were scared or to create a story about a character who is scared. We are using the hamburger model as an outline and will be making the story juicy with lots of good details. We will be having mini-lessons on using transitional words such as first, next, then, and last as well as using precise vocabulary in our writing.

Science Update

This week, we will be reviewing the information we have learned so far about rocks and minerals in order to take a quiz. We have learned about the three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. We have also learned about the different properties of minerals which are essential in identifying minerals - color, hardness, luster, streak, and special properties.

Next, we will move onto learning all about soil -why it is important, what it is made up of, how soil forms, and different types of soil.

Social Studies Update

We are moving on to Chapter 3 in our study of South Carolina history. It will be very interesting to learn about the first residents of South Carolina - Native American Nations/Tribes. We will learn about the Native American Nations who lived in the different regions of South Carolina. Later in this chapter, we will learn about the early European Explorers who were sent over to explore the New World.

This chapter will be broken into two parts: Native Americans and Explorers. Rather than having an end of chapter test, we will have a quiz on each part of the chapter.

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, October 22 at 11:40 - Early Release Day & last day of first nine weeks

Friday, October 30 - LMES Fall Festival (5:30-8:30)

Wednesday, November 4 - Vision and Hearing Screening

*Please bring glasses if you wear them on a daily basis.

Monday, November 9 - Teacher Workday/Student Holiday

Wednesday, November 11 - Third Grade Veteran's Day Program