Stallion Star Gazette

October 2017

"New" Teacher Interview

by Claire

I jogged into the incredibly silent 1st hallway. My wooden clipboard and my paper whooshed with me as the air tumbled behind me.It was a normal Tuesday, in Newspaper Club. So, I had to go interview a past 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Gustafson. I REALLY wanted to see how she felt about 1st grade. If I think my brother is annoying, being a 1st grade teacher must be difficult. I had no idea how wrong I was.

While I was jogging, I eyed my brother’s classroom, Ms. Butler’s class. NOPE! I swished past the 1st grader’s artwork, leaving the papers blowing. When I got there, I was about to walk past that corner so I could get my interview done right away.. Well guess what- she was right in front of my teeny eyes. “Oh hi! Do you need something?” The teacher glanced at my light brown clipboard and my pale paper. Not noticing slightly, I nodded shyly. “Uhm..hi...I’m from Newspaper Club, uh..can I interview you real quick?” You can tell I was shy, because I really wanted to get done speedily.

Beyond her golden hair, she had a lovely smile.”Sure!” I grasped my clipboard tighter than a panda on a bamboo stick. “Okay,” I said as I straightened my words together, and I took a deep breath. “QUESTION 1: What is your favorite book?” I questioned, as I started to feel more confident. She chuckled slowly. “Harry Potter,” She said immediately. “Okay...hmm,” I did the more intelligent questions now. “How does it feel teaching younger students?” Mrs. Gustafson hesitated and then let out a slight answer slowly and slowly. “Well, it’s great- honestly! A new curriculum is cool and it is fun seeing the hardness decreasing.” Then my eyes looked straight down to the next question. I mumbled the words in a happy way. It felt really weird that we were the only ones standing in the hallway. “Okay..this one is fun! What’s your favorite education game?” I questioned shyly. As soon as she glanced at the time, she answered. “OOhh, like card games! Like Go Fish, I thought. “WAR!” Oh, I nodded. Okay. Now ONE LAST QUESTION. One I wondered with teachers for A LONG TIME! “Last question. Do you ever catch kids bullying other kids?” She cringed for a second. Then she hesitated. “No, there isn’t really any BULLIES, but some kids can be mean.”

I smiled, FINALLY OVER WITH! Then I glared at the time. JUST IN TIME, as well! “Thank you.” The teacher grinned back at me. “Thank YOU ma’am!” Well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought, whew. After our little talk, I skipped toward down the gloomy 1st grade hallway. Pictures on the wall flipped in my face, but I didn’t care. My job is done.


Big image

by Savya

Have you ever wondered the qualities of our school’s mascot, the Stallion? The word stallion came from middle English and old French. Stallion is another name for a horse. The maximum height for a horse is 16 hands tall. A hand is a unit of measurement used to measure horses; one hand equals 4 inches.

Horses can be short like Arabian Horses, or they can be tall like Palomino Horses. I think that the type of horse which was meant to be Patsy Sommer’s mascot is the American Saddlebred Horse. An American Saddlebred Horse weighs up to 1,100 pounds!

They live to about 25 years old. Saddlebred foals are very smart and learn quickly. They must be exercised often and their hooves taken care of regularly. Did you know that the first saddlebreds came from Kentucky? Do you know how the Stallion became Patsy Sommer’s mascot? Well, all the community members voted for the mascot and the Stallion won the vote. That is how the Stallion became the mascot of Patsy Sommer Elementary.

Peregrine Falcons and Harpy Eagles

by Niketh

Harpy eagles and peregrine falcons look very alike. How can you tell the difference?

Peregrine Falcons

These falcons live on every continent except Antarctica. They are extremely sleek and aerodynamic animals. When they dive,they go as fast as 200 miles per hour. Their top speed can be 242 mph. Wow, isn’t that fast?These falcons grow up to 15 to 20 inches. They are endangered species but their breed is 1,650 in Canada and United States. An extremely cool fact is that peregrines catch their prey in mid-air! They mostly feed on songbirds, ducks, and bats. These falcons can lay 3 to 4 eggs at a time. The wingspan of a peregrine is 3.9 feet as an adult. Amazing, right!

Harpy Eagles

Harpy eagles are one of the strongest eagles in the world! This eagle's scientific name is Harpia Harpija.

Harpy eagles are named after the Greek Demon, Harpy.

They are so hideous right? That is why they call the harpy eagles as harpy eagles because the birds are really ugly looking. The Harpy from Greek mythology means to snatch. They are named that because they snatched food from people.

These birds live in lowland tropical forests. These strong and powerful eagles uses its strength to capture its prey. Their rear talons are 3-4 inches long. That is the same size as a grizzly bear’s claws. A harpy’s talons are so strong, that they can cut straight through a watermelon! I feel sorry for the watermelon! Their full wingspan is 7 feet (2 meters). They lay 2 eggs at a time.

Now that you know all these facts, try to find these amazing birds!

Hurricane Harvey: How to Help

by Anamitra

As you know Harvey has recently ended! Most people are relieved, but not exactly everyone. The victims, like us, need food, water, shelter, clothing and stuff for health. Donating to people is needed because they lose their jobs, have no food, suffer from the floods and mentally suffer too.

If you are thinking to donate, Red Cross is a good place to start! Save the Children is also a good charity to help children! Salvation Army is the perfect place to give household objects. You can ask your parents to give blood donations to help people who got sick.

You can look up other places to donate too! This is not just about people; Austin Pets Alive is helping rescue pets! You can adopt a pet and save a pet’s life! Stores and jobs may ask for donations and you can do that too.

Helping is not just for parents-- you as a kid can be a huge help too! First you have to tell your friends, family and community. You can put up flyers to donate to the people suffering and losing homes, you can ask your parents to let you sell your old toys in a garage sale, do a bake sale and many other things! A fun thing to do is a show and sell tickets. All the money you get can be donated to any organization!

Don’t forget, you have a big part to play too!

Many lives can be saved, or at least relieved. We can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey enjoy life as best as possible. Don’t forget every little piece of help counts! Donate to multiple organizations, food banks and even diaper banks for babies. The important thing is to find the one fit for you, and clickety click, you’re done. Every time you donate you make an influence in someone’s life! You can most definitely be a hero in a kid sort of way using your persuasion skills to convince people, artistic skills to make a wonderful flyer, make slime and sell it, sing, dance... you’re going a step ahead to help! This is how you, whoever, wherever can help! It’s hurricane season, so be a hero, fellows!

Riddles and Jokes

by Savya

1. Q: Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?

A: OF COURSE houses don’t jump at all.

2. Q: Why was Christoper Columbus a crook?

A: He double-crossed the Atlantic Ocean!

3. Knock-Knock

Who’s there?



Don’t cry, it’s just a joke.

4. Q: How does NASA throw a party?

A: They plan it!

5. Knock-Knock

Who’s there?


Lettuce who?

Let us in,it’s freezing out here!!!!

6. Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Ketchup who?

Catch up and then I’ll tell you.

7. Knock-Knock

Who’s there?


Catch who?

Bless You! Need a tissue?

8. Knock Knock


Cook who?


9. Q:What runs but never walks?

What has a bed but never sleeps?

What has a mouth but never eats?

A: A river!!!