Sprained Ankle Pain


Ankle Sprain Exercises

When you sprain your ankle, the injury often swells a lot. Within the first couple of hours it will also bruise and most probably become stiff and immobile. You may walk with a limp or not be able to put pressure on it at all depending on how bad you sprained it. Either way, you will need something that will enhance quick and full recovery. Your sprained ankle can take months to heal if you do nothing about it and you might continue to experience pain for quite a long time.

There are 2 sprained ankle therapy options available for you. One is known as RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). In this option, you need to rest and have your ankle iced, then maintain some form of compression such as a wrap on the sprained ankle and keep it elevated and this continues until the ankle gets healed. However, this treatment option is not as effective in treating a sprained ankle. The second option is referred to as HEM ankle rehab. In this treatment, you need to ice your ankle for 2 days. In addition, it suggests that you employ more active rehab techniques which involve stretches, some very specific exercises and a number of other healing methods.

Interestingly, recent clinical studies have shown that use of ice is only effective in the initial 48 hours following a sprained ankle. Afterward, it hasn’t been proven to be clinically effective in reducing swelling. Therefore, it does not make sense to have the ankle iced. This is what HEM ankle rehab suggests in addition to incorporating other healing methods. HEM promotes active rehab therapy as absolutely necessary for a full and quick recovery and not just rest.

The HEM ankle rehab program is not about taking pills nor is it a revolutionary new alternative to the RICE method. HEM ankle rehab focuses on rehabilitating the injured area. RICE becomes ineffective after 48 hours and can in fact be detrimental to your recovery. With RICE method, the scar tissue forms in the region which can leave the ankle stiff and predisposed to re-injury. The HEM ankle rehab is concerned with getting fresh blood into the twisted ankle and this clears out the scar tissue as well as blood clots. In addition, this method is about exercising and moving the joint in order to increase strength and flexibility of the ankle thereby protecting against re-injury.

Studies do suggest that there is normally an extensive damage of ligaments during an ankle sprain. What this means is that the scar tissue and neuromuscular damage can develop in addition to general ligament weakness and stiffness. Therefore, HEM ankle rehab program teaches you on how to have all this damage healed completely, safely and properly. Experts agree that rest alone cannot break up or remove scar tissue or improve strength or range of motion. They also agree that rest alone cannot heal neuromuscular damage.

HEM ankle rehab doesn’t promote any form of dangerous exercise or movement. The exercises promoted are quite gentle but effective in helping the ankle to regain its natural strength and range of motion safely. In addition, the exercises and stretches do help in reconnecting the neuromuscular connection between the ankle and the brain, thereby making movement smooth and safe again. HEM ankle rehab seems to achieve better and long-lasting healing benefits than ice and rest alone.
H E M -- The Sprained Ankle Rehab Treatment