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July Very Important Produce: Kohlrabi

It’s July and I bet you've been wondering to yourself, "what kind of vegetable does my Soul want me to eat this month?" If you listen very carefully, close your eyes and breathe deeply, you will hear the word "kohlrabi" whispered into your heart.

Kohlrabi comes from the German Kohl ("cabbage") and Rübe ~ Rabi ("turnip"). It is commonly referred to as "German cabbage" or "German turnip." The outside is a little tough (aren't we all) but inside it has a crisp and cool texture like a radish (great for salads and slaws!). Thin slices are awesome on sandwiches or dipped in hummus as a snack. It is frequently compared to the broccoli stem in texture but not as bitter. I'm going to grate mine and make fritters (wish me luck!).

Kohlrabi honestly looks like a weird Space Plant from an alien planet but we could all use a bit more of that in our lives, right? Let’s ALL try something new this month! Start with kohlrabi. Embrace all of the new things The Universe has to offer you.

Stay cool-rabi, friends.

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Very Important Producer: Get to know the folks that grow your food.

Viva Farms is July's Very Important Producer, and for very good reasons. More than a farm, this small business incubator is nurturing new farmers and planting the seeds for a healthy regional food system for decades to come.

Located an hour's drive north of Seattle in Burlington, Viva first began leasing small plots of the fertile Skagit Valley to aspiring growers and entrepreneurs in 2009. Farmers in their program take a year of courses from Washington State University and Skagit Valley College, learning everything from production methods to economics and marketing. Program participants then have access to shared infrastructure like greenhouses and tractors, which can be cost prohibitive for independent businesses starting out. From this cooperative model, Viva provides assistance with loans and capital to those farmers who are ready to venture out on their own.

If you have enjoyed ROAR's strawberries from Lopez Brothers, artichokes from Sustenance, or June's Very Important Produce garlic scapes this season, you have supported this new generation of farmers and invested in the long-term future of locally-grown food. Watch this great video, and read more at !Viva!

Viva Farms

ROARing with Laughter!

What food do you cook the inside and throw away the outside, then eat the outside and throw away the inside?

Shopper Profile: Interview with Annette Jones

Which is your ROAR farm stand location?

I got to know ROAR at its home location, the Hillman City Collaboratory. I met Rachel when she started working here, and watched the farm stand idea grow and develop. Over the years I've tried to be ROAR's spokesperson to help reach the clientele they're trying to connect with.

How do you use your farm stand food?

I use the food for Valley + Mountain morning and afternoon services on Sundays at the Collaboratory. The rest is used at the Collab drop in center, where we have been offering free coffee & bagels. It's a nice addition to have some fresh fruit, and I'm excited about adding vegetables.

What else do you do in Hillman City?

Social service work. I activate and distribute free cell phones through the Lifeline program, and work with organizations to help people in the community that fall through the cracks, connecting people with the various services that are available. I try to obtain resources for both individuals and organizations.

Why do you support the farm stand?

I'm in a difficult place to begin with because I hate vegetables. ROAR has been instrumental in helping me move on from that place and Rachel is very patient. I have tried new recipes because of ROAR -- I actually like bean salad! I like that I can fall back on the education that I'm getting through ROAR, talking with people who have knowledge about food and can encourage me to try new things. I'm looking forward to the educational opportunities planned for ROAR in the coming months like the canning class, and I'm excited to see the community turn out for those. My family lives in Tukwila, but we work in Hillman City, so I think these classes are a good way to get to know the neighborhood.

If you were a fruit/veggie, what would you be and why?

Kale, because you can turn it into a chip!

The Georgetown Swap Party and Helmet Giveaway!

Sunday, July 17th, 12-4pm

6430 Corson Avenue South

Seattle, WA

Get a free bike helmet for the kiddos in your life, and make a smoothie with the bike-powered blender! ROAR is delighted to be invited to this important community event. We’ll be at Oxbow Park (with the giant hat and boots) cranking out smoothies from 1-3pm, so come on down! RSVP on Facebook here.

If free helmets weren’t enough, the 2nd Annual Georgetown Swap Party happens at the same time in the same spot. Bring your deluxe junk and clothes of all sizes to trade in for some new-to-you treasures! 12-4pm, Oxbow Park. Everything’s free!

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Farm Stand Schedule

Tuesdays 4-7 pm, Rainier Ave S and Rose St

Across the street from the Ethiopian Community Center

Wednesdays 4-7pm – High Point Juneau P-Patch

32nd Ave SW and SW Juneau St.

Partnership with the Department of Neighborhoods Juneau P-Patch Market Garden

EBT Accepted here

Thursdays 11:30am-1:30pm – Seattle Indian Health Board

Market for SIHB staff; not open to the public.

Thursdays 3pm-7pm – Georgetown at Carleton Ave Grocery

Carleton Ave S at Warsaw St.

Partnership with CityGrown Farmers, EBT Accepted Here

Fridays 2-6pm – Hillman City

Harameyn Grocery at Rainier Ave S & S Juneau St.

Check our calendar at for Monthly Community Parties in July, August, and September!

Roots of All Roads

Roots of All Roads (ROAR) is a mobile farm stand connecting communities with locally grown produce, facilitating education and creating opportunities to come together through the shared experience of food and nourishment. Shaped by the principle that a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is a basic human right, we strive to foster an environment of self-reliance through reconnecting with the cultural wisdom abundant in each of our histories.

ROAR Community Membership - Join Today!

Help ROAR build community ownership at the neighborhood level. Farm Stand Members directly support food access, bring cultural and educational components to the stand, and ensure that local farmers earn a fair wage.

Join at whatever level is comfortable for you — we believe in the sliding scale! Your donation is good for a full year, and enables us to offer wholesale produce prices to all of our customers.

Member Perks include four seasonal classes taught by local experts: container gardening (spring), wild foraging (summer), preserving the harvest (fall), and wild fermentation (winter), a tote bag to carry your produce each week, and the satisfaction of nourishing your neighborhood.

YES! I want to support local farmers and community food access with an annual ROAR Membership. Click here to sign up! ***Be sure to note “ROAR Membership” in the ‘Please recognize my gift as’ memo field.***

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