Evolution of the American Woman

Arianna Gonzalez 3rd Hour

"Victorian" Women

Societal Expectations: Women's place was at home with the children and to teach her children moral values. They were expected to get married.

Job Opportunities: Victorian Women did not work, they stayed home took care of the children and made sure the house was clean and took care of their husband.

Educational Opportunities: Victorian Women were not freely given opportunities to to study, which made it difficult for women to break free from the societal constraints.

Appearance/Fashion: Were expected to be seen as "weak", "helpless" and "fragile" . Victorian Women wore beautiful gowns, V waist, bell sleeves, engageates, and layering of trims.

Activities/Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, tea parties

"1920s" Women

Societal Expectations: Most 1920's Women were still seen as housewives and were not as free as their men.

Job Opportunities: 1920's Women worked while the men went off to war, the number of working women increased by 25 percent.

Educational Opportunities:

Appearance/Fashion: 1920's Women wore clothing that was more convenient for activity and stopped wearing long skirts and corsets.

Activities/Hobbies: Outdoor Activities

"Post WWII" Women

Societal Expectations: Women were still considered "secondary" compared to men

Job Opportunities: Once the war was over, federal and civilian polices replaced women workers with men.

Educational Opportunities: Women still did not have as many education opportunities as men

Appearance/Fashion: Wore shorter skirts, more makeup, etc.

Activities/Hobbies: Working in factories, having a life and going out more then they have in the past.

"Modern Day" Women

Societal Expectations: Modern Day women are "expected" to get a high school diploma and get a college degree. After college they should settle down get married and have children and focus on their career.

Job Opportunities: Women now have to opportunity to do the same jobs as men ex. police officer, lawyer, doctor, army, etc.

Educational Opportunities: The modern Women has many education opportunities, as much as men do. They can go to school and study things of their choice.

Appearance/Fashion: Modern Women wear less clothing, and basically wear anything they like too.

Activities/Hobbies: Sports, go out and party