Parents Fault

Sarah Collins

Despite Friar Laurence giving the poison to Juliet, she wouldn't have had to resort to that if the families weren't so judgmental and hateful. Romeo and Juliet shouldn't have felt like they couldn't tell their parents they were in love with someone and wanted to get married, but they were in love at first sight and had to keep it secret. Romeo goes to Friar Laurence in his garden and starts telling him his feelings, "Then plainly know my heart's dear love is set on the fair daughter of rich Capulet as mine on hers, and hers on mine." (Act 3, Scene 2). They go to Friar because him and the nurse are the only people who can be trusted. If Romeo wasn't so hated by the Capulet family, they would more than likely have a better chance of being together, but Romeo ended up killing one of their family members, Tybalt, then had the nurse turning on him, "Shame come to Romeo." (Act 3, Scene 2". If Romeo would have minded his own business during that fight, and not gone after Tybalt, he wouldn't be in the mess he got into.

I am Sorry, I Know

I am sorry that I was at your party to fall in love with you,

I am sorry I ended up killing your cousin,

I am sorry that I couldn't see you more,

I am sorry we are both dead.

I know we fell in love too early,

I know you didn't mean to kill him,

I know you tried your hardest to come see me,

I know that we only killed each other for love.

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I feel that this poem is a good explanation to the movie and their feelings because I know that they are both sorry for everything that they did, I know that Juliet knows that Romeo didn't mean to kill her family. If they were so in love that they were wiling to kill themselves over the other being dead, I believe they are both sorry for what they have done.
In Taylor Swift's song she says, "My daddy says stay away from Juliet..." I felt that this was a good quote to put because in the movie, Romeo and Juliet have to stay away from each other because their families are enemies. Romeo and Juliet have to sneak around just like Taylor Swift and her boyfriend or her "Romeo" in this song.