The Amazing World of Sparta

Presentation Extravaganza!

Oligarchy Malarkey

  1. Sparta had an oligarchy style government, and oligarchy style government was when was when one person to a small group of people rule and mad all government decisions.
  2. They had a rule that let no one to enter or leave, or enter the city, the did this to keep citizen from questioning the spartan system.
  3. The oligarchy consisted of two king headed the council of elders, the council included 28 male citizens over 60, also Spartan men over 30 were in the assemble. The assemble was a group of male citizen that voted on laws, enforced laws, and managed taxes.

Tyrant Trend

  1. Tyrants became a big role in ancient civilizations, especially Spartans. Usually people don't hear much about famous tyrants in Sparta because there weren't many memorable ones. What I mean is no tyrant the ruled Sparta didn't do much to change their way of life other than minor tweaks hear and there. Even though Sparta always stayed an oligarchy, and their tyrant ruler didn't change many law that were in place doesn't mean that there weren't some fascinating law to lean about. (See Ridiculous Rules for more.)

Curious Culture! (Sparta's Spectacular Weaponry and Armor)

Foolish Fighting

Frighting Frenzy

  1. Spartan boy left their families to enter the army at age 7 and sent to the barracks to train.
  2. At age 20 they entered the regular army, and remained there for 10 more years.
  3. Spartans then were allowed to returned home at age 30 and stayed in the army until 60, and continued to train.
  4. Men in the army were expected to win on the battle field, or die but never surrender. There is even a saying, " Come home carrying your shield or being carried on it."

Wonderful women

  1. Women had much much more rights then other women in ancient times they were trained in sports, own property, go where they wanted.
  2. but women were expected to fulfill the role in the house of keeping the house in order having children, and teaching them what they learned.
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Ridiculous Restrictions

  1. Spartans banned travel other then for Army reasons, to keep from questioning the Spartan system.
  2. They not only banned travel to outside of Sparta but prevented and foreign visitors from entering Sparta.