Hello! I'm the Brain.

Krithika Ravishankar

Nice to meet you too!

I'm your brain - the most important organ. Sure, your other organs are important too, but I'm in charge of them all. Amputations, bandages, bypass grafting, pacemakers - they can replace some parts of organs, but I'm irreplaceable. You can get an artificial heart, or a lung transplant, but not a single part of me can be replaced.

Neurons and Glia

A lot of people wonder how I work - and rightly so. I'm made up of just two kinds of cells: neurons and glia. Neurons sense information, relay it on to other neurons, and interpret the signals (impulses). Glial cells protect the neurons by: providing support, producing myelin (protective coating around axon of neuron), and "clean" me up.
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Me and Your Other Systems

Your other systems and I do you a ton of favors. We allow you to think and make use of your life! I tell your heart to beat, bringing the blood to me and your other organs. This blood features oxygen and other nutrients that I need to survive! I control heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration - all at the same time! Because of this, I get enough energy for my cerebrum to work - the part that lets you remember things and think! When you want to walk, write, or do anything with your muscles - remember that I control more than six hundred of them.

I control every single part of you. Scary, huh? When your muscles contract and relax, when you feel hungry, how to interpret the text you're reading right now - the list goes on forever. I also control your body systems - without me, they wouldn't know what to do.

I receive a ton of information from all of your five senses, and I also tell them how to react to those signals. You wouldn't even know where you are and what to do!

You can think of me as a dictator - but a nice one. I decide your intelligence level. I decide what you forget and what you remember. I determine what your dreams will be. I determine how you feel - happy, sad, angry - whatever I want. I decide how logical or how emotional you'll be. Have I now showed you what creepy is?