Friday Review

Friday, November 9, 2018

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • Veteran's Day Recognition - A big thank you to those staff members that have served in the military. Carrie Macy, April Chavis-Chavis
  • No School on Monday, November 12th to honor Veterans Day.
  • CLUBS!!! CLUBS!!! We will have clubs on Tuesday, November 13! You will receive a homeroom roster with student assignments and your club roster. We will need for everyone to help when we change for clubs and when dismissing at the end of the day from assigned clubs. Please make sure students take all of their belongings with them to the club. An information sheet will be in your box Tuesday morning and Mrs. Tippett will also email the information. As mentioned earlier, some changes will be made to advising because of registration numbers. Thank you for your flexibility and we are excited to begin SHMS clubs!
  • Homeroom teachers, please be aware that it is a safety issue for students to have open lockers. Make sure students keep their lockers closed. If they need individual tutoring on opening their lock or they have lost their lock, send them to Ms. Harris.
  • Teachers, please make sure that students do not deface or cover the label on their chromebooks. We should always be able to read the name on the label to confirm that it is with assigned student.
  • SIT TEAM MEETING (Nov 19) - SIT members are reminded to bring data to show progress or lack of to the meeting. See attached goals and data.
  • Lesson plans should be updated in your folder and all other plans moved to future or past folders.
  • SUPERVISION - Ensure that students are supervised at all times. If you have to step out, find someone to supervise.
  • 8th Grade - Mr. Mike is the new custodian filling in while Ms. Selena is out for surgery.
  • United Way: Cards will be placed in school boxes this week; deadline is November 30 to have cards back to the Superintendent’s Office. Competition this year is again the 1) Highest $ amount winner and 2) highest % of participation winner (Let's try to all participate, even if it is $1.)
  • Chromebooks will be confiscated on Tuesday for those students that still do not have their forms signed. Please see the link below for teachers with students that still have not returned forms.
  • District Surveys for parents, students and staff are coming. It is an expectation that all students and staff take the survey. Staff (both certified and classified) should see Ms. Harris to complete this week by Friday, November 16th.Students will complete in homeroom classes.on Thursday.
  • Please be reminded Parent-Teacher conferences will be held, Wed. Nov 14th during planning and 4-6pm. Lunch as usual, snacks after school, 4-6pm. ALL staff are required to stay until 6pm.
  • Staff, please be reminded that we need your help during assemblies. ALL staff should sit with students and monitor. Staff should not stand at the door, but sit with students.
  • 8th Grade Teachers: - Step Up To STEM - free week - for rising 9th graders; program is open for students who are African American and Native American, in the 8th grade and live in NC; application process begins in February. Is a three-week long program in Durham. For more information go to
  • Science Teachers: There will be a SHMS science fair this year. Please make plans for all students to participate in your classroom and then elect students to move on to the SHMS fair. Ms. Jackson and Ms. E. Johnson will provide more information.
  • The MTSS Process will start this week. More info. shared by Mrs. Tippett in PLCs this week.
  • Clubs will begin next week. It is imperative that staff help out with student movement to avoid chaos and discipline problems. Please make sure you are prepared to give students hands-on, real life and informative experiences.
  • YOU'RE INVITED! - Don't forget to come out and support our students at the District Art/Band Night that will be held at SHMS. 6pm
  • Open Gym will be on Friday, November 16th from 4 - 6pm. Students must bring back their permission slip to participate. Students staying, will be escorted down during the 2nd bell bus dismissal to the gym. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO HELP CHAPERONE.

Checkin Booklets

Teachers, if you would like to check out your NC Checkin booklets, you may do so starting on Tuesday until Thursday 11/15/18. You must return and sign out the booklets daily. The booklets must be returned before the dismissal bell.

Teachers the State Testing Manuels will be picked up on next week. Please have yours available for pick up.

Special Note: Teachers in the manual of the Test books the testing manual will no longer tell you to pass out pencils. You will have to pass them out when you see the gray box that says, students should have a number 2 pencil. In the past, it would say, “I will now pass out number two pencils. The state is no longer including these statements. Please make sure any time you are giving a test that you are familiar with your testing manuel.

This Week

Classified/Certified Staff must take survey by Friday

November 13 -1st day of clubs

November 14 -Wacky Wednesday

November 15 -AR Event

November 15-Student Survey

November 15-District Arts Night hosted at 6pm

November 16 - TLC

November 16 -Open Gym 4 - 6 PM

November 19 -SIT Meeting

November 20 -SHMS Spelling Bee

Looking Ahead

  • November 21-23 - Thanksgiving Holidays - NO SCHOOL

  • November 27 - CLUBS

  • November 30 - TLC

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