Kepler 452b

also known as Earth 2.0

Just some important facts

  • Diameter- 12,800 miles
  • Average distance from its sun- 98 million miles
  • Length of a year- 385 days
  • Distance from Earth- 1,400 light years

Some downsides to living there

  • The temperature and the length of the days are unknown.
  • Its distance from the Earth is 1,400 light years away.
  • The gravity is twice as strong as Earths.
  • Its aging star heated up and dried all of the oceans up.

Naboo is a great contender for "Earth 2.0"

How we could overcome some of the issues

  • We could wait until the aging star cools down.
  • We would just have to adjust to the new gravity there.
  • New technology that we can use to get to there without us dying.

Some more facts

  • There aren't any rings.
  • I would be 14 years old on my planet.
  • The value of "g" is 1.810601818 x 10^32
  • I would weigh 5.406457029 x 10^52