Natural Fruit Garden

November 20th 2014

Come out to the school's garden and pick natural fruits that were naturally grown by us, staff and students. Roam the beautiful natural garden and pick out any fruit you'd like to purchase, comes with seeds of your fruit and coupons to an organic food market. Come join us to get a chance to enjoy the amazing taste of natural fruits and plant your own fruits with seeds provided by us.
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What does this event do/show?

We want people to get more organic food/fruits because corporations are selling food that aren't natural, which is bad for people. Food that isn't natural has genetically engineered seeds, which are seeds they make grow faster and better, not natural.

This event will put a positive change on people because they would be excited to come to the garden. The fruits are cheaper than stores since we grew it and they would like how different natural fruits taste. This would give them a chance to try natural fruits since most parents buy fruits at regular stores instead of local farms/organic markets. Giving them seeds and coupons would also give a positive change because we are teaching them how to grow natural fruits themselves and they can do that at home. The coupons would also put positive change because everyone wants cheaper things and coupons have opportunities like that. The coupons to organic markets have good deals that would make people go and get more organic food, not only is there good deals but it is better for everyone and the planet.